1. The B Duck 10th Anniversary Amusement Park – iSquare, Hong Kong

    When going out in Hong Kong you never know what you might end up seeing when walking around. Well this week when I went to Kowloon to do some shopping, I ended up seeing a whole lot of ducks!


    I normally avoid going to Nathan Road as much as possible as being asked every two minutes if I want a copy handbag or watch gets quite annoying after a while. However the Canon Image Showroom where I buy a lot of my camera accessories is in the iSquare shopping centre on Nathan Road. Normally I would take the MTR train and not step outside but as it was a beautiful day in Hong Kong, I caught the Star Ferry from Wan Chai to Tsim Sha Tsui and on approaching iSquare immediately saw the colourful ducks outside.


    The exhibition is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of B Duck and features the first six metre tall B Duck in Asia. To be honest I had never heard of B Duck before but after doing a bit of Googling, it turns out that B Duck and all his friends and family have a big following in Asia.

    Taking photos of B Duck and his friend Pinky proved a bit more difficult as the area is so busy so you constantly have people walking in every direction around you. After finally managing to get some photos with no one walking in front of me, I headed inside a beautifully air conditioned iSquare and found another B Duck display called the “Summer Party Food Kiosk.”


    There were many posters everywhere explaining where all the different B Duck displays were so after buying my new camera batteries in Canon, I headed to another floor of iSquare featuring the “Be Playful Amusement Park”.


    Things like this are the reason I always have a camera on me. On certain dates, you can actually meet B Duck and have your photo taken with him – sadly I wasn’t there on one of those days.

    You can see the B Duck 10th Anniversary Amusement Park exhibit at iSquare Hong Kong until 31 August 2015.

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