1. Paint the Night – Hong Kong Disneyland

    I had originally planned to write this blog post with these photos a long time ago…

    I love night time Disney parades (one of my favourites is Dreamlights in Tokyo Disneyland) so I was very excited when last September I received an invitation from being a Hong Kong Disneyland Magic Access (annual pass) member to a preview showing of their new Paint the Night parade. After checking the dates I saw that I was going to be in Hong Kong that night but unfortunately the time that it was scheduled was when I had to be at the airport to fly home which was incredibly frustrating. When I got home I started seeing videos of the parade on YouTube and completely fell in love with everything about it.

    My next visit to Hong Kong was in February this year and I finally got to see Paint the Night and I loved it even more. I never wrote this blog post after this visit to the park as I wasn’t happy with the ugly construction boards completely surrounding the castle in the background of my photos – they completely ruined the look of the parade as there was too much light from them in the background. I love taking photos and having perfect memories of things so I wanted another chance to see the parade and as I was due to be back in Hong Kong a few weeks later, I planned my next visit for the first week of March…

    That didn’t happen either. I arrived at Hong Kong Disneyland to signs everywhere saying Paint the Night wasn’t operating that week – the castle was still boarded up but I planned to watch the parade from Fantasyland where I wouldn’t have that issue.

    My next trip to Hong Kong was in May and we landed to torrential rain and it didn’t stop for the next two days. I still went to the park on the off chance that the rain would stop and it did but the parade got cancelled twenty minutes before it was due to start. So that was two visits in a row that the parade was cancelled. But at least the boards had disappeared from around the castle the day before I was there.

    My most recent trip to Hong Kong was in August and the day I was planning to go to Hong Kong Disneyland there were blue skies – something you don’t always see in Hong Kong during rainy season! There was no rain but it was crazy humid so I spent a lazy morning at my hotel before heading to the park in the afternoon. Being August the park was also stupidly busy but I managed to ride both Mystic Manor and Space Mountain before I went and staked out my spot near the Golden Mickey’s theatre close to the start of the parade route about an hour before it was due to start. This is now my favourite area to watch the parade as there is no light pollution in this area so you can really enjoy the parade the way it’s meant to be seen.

    So it was third time lucky and here’s the photos to prove how beautiful it is to watch.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls
    Disney proudly presents our spectacular night time pageant of magic and imagination
    In millions of dazzling lights and astounding musical sounds
    It’s the Paint the Night parade!”


    I filmed this video of Paint the Night the first time I saw it on my visit in January and you can see how ugly that boarded up castle is in the background! Hopefully I’ll get back to Hong Kong again soon and I can try and film it again.

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    2 thoughts on “Paint the Night – Hong Kong Disneyland

    1. Shoug

      Hey ! I’m traveling to Hong Kong this weekend and I’m worrying about the rain :-((( i really want to see the nighttime parade but I’m worried I might not be able to see it ! What would you reccomend ? I read that you went three times before you got to see it but I won’t be able to do so :-(((( and the upcoming weather forecast is mostly scattered thunderstorms 🙁 im extremely disappointed

      1. Nikki Post author

        Sadly the downside to visiting Hong Kong this time of year is that it is rainy season. Keep an open mind though as I was there last week and the forecasted thunderstorms never happened.


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