1. The Moomin Cafe – Hong Kong

    Finding cute cafes and attractions seems to be a new thing of mine in the Far East. After visiting the Charlie Brown Cafe, Snoopy’s World and Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine in Hong Kong, I read about the Moomin Cafe on Google and knew that I had to visit. As usual I planned to visit during the week as soon as the cafe opened at 11:00am as I had read that it can get very busy. The Moomin Cafe is located on the third floor of the Ocean Terminal in Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui.

    To get there, I took the Star Ferry from Central on Hong Kong Island as the Tsim Sha Tsui ferry pier is located right next to the Ocean Terminal – plus you get a great view of Hong Kong skyline at the same time! You could also get the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui using the Tsuen Wan line.

    I arrived at the Moomin Cafe a few minutes before it opened which gave me the opportunity to take plenty of photos not only of the cafe entrance (which looked the complete opposite to all the surrounding shops and restaurants in the mall) but also of the two cute Moomins sitting outside next to a menu showing all the food as well as introducing the different Moomin characters.


    At 11:00am I followed one other family who had been waiting for the cafe to open as well inside. I was offered a seat overlooking Hong Kong harbour and the view was amazing especially as there was no ship docked outside that day. I also had Sniff, Little My and Moominpapa sitting with me.

    After looking through the menu, I ordered the “Moomin Rare Cheesecake” and the “Aurora Shine” fruit punch. I had originally wanted to order a latte (the only reason was that I wanted to see the Moomin latte art) however they do not stock any soya milk. I knew that the Moomin House Pancakes are what everyone else usually orders when here (they are exclusive to the Hong Kong cafe), however I am just not a fan of pancakes.


    It was very bright sitting by the window so after ordering I asked if it was possible to switch to a table further back inside the cafe and as it was empty at the time, it was. Moominmama was already sat at the table and before I knew it, the server also brought Snufkin and the Hattifatteners to sit with me too. This was the best thing about visiting so early – normally you might have one of the characters sat at the table with you which the staff move around every few minutes. However as there was only one other family there, I had a table full of Moomins!


    Before my food and drink arrived, I spent a few minutes looking around the Moomin Cafe at the Scandinavian-style decor and the different drawings – as well as the other Moomin characters dotted around the place.


    The one thing I love more than anything in Character Cafes is the detail in the food. The cheesecake was just beautiful and once again I took far too many photos of it before I could bring myself to eat it. The fruit punch was also delicious and I loved the Snufkin stirrer in it.

    The next minute, my server brought Moomin to sit at my table too. I could not stop laughing as here I was at a table by myself surrounded by Moomins! It was such a strange and bizarre yet happy sight! Before I finished eating, he also bought a set of Moomin, Little My and Snufkin glove puppets to the table.


    The bill for my meal came to HK$150. I was also given a loyalty card where you get a stamp for every HK$50 spent and if you “Like” the Moomin Cafe on Facebook, then you are given another four stamps. The loyalty card is valid for two years and can be used in all the Moomin Cafes and gets you a free drink after twenty stamps and a dessert or gift after forty stamps.


    After paying my bill, I visited the Moomin Shop which is located next to the cafe. It was the cutest shop I have ever been in. I loved the Moomin and Hattifattener salt and pepper sets, the different cookie cutters, various stationery and the drink stirrers as well as so much more. I had to buy something so I bought the Moomin cake tin for HK$80 as I want to try to recreate my Moomin cheesecake at home!


    Visiting the Moomin Cafe was a great experience and somewhere I’d love to go again. There are also Moomin Cafes in Tokyo, Hakata, Seoul and Bangkok – I actually walked past the original cafe in Tokyo years ago without realising the awesomeness that exists inside.

    Make sure to stop by the Moomin Cafe – you will have a great time!

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