1. The Charlie Brown Cafe – Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Last month in Hong Kong, I was really excited to be able to visit the Charlie Brown Cafe which is themed to Snoopy and the Peanuts gang. I had originally planned on heading there for lunch however after waking up early on my first morning, I quickly Googled the opening times and discovered that the cafe opened at 08:30am so I could go for a coffee and something to eat much earlier than I expected – it also made a nice refreshing change to my normal trip to Starbucks for breakfast.

    The Charlie Brown Cafe is located on Cameron Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. After getting ready I took the MTR from Causeway Bay Station where my hotel was located to Tsim Sha Tsui Station in Kowloon. After leaving the station from exit B2 you will need to walk for a few minutes in the opposite direction to Nathan Road before seeing the cafe on the right hand side of the road – you won’t be able to miss the statues of Charlie Brown and Snoopy outside!


    The theming starts as soon as you start climbing the stairs from the street level up to the cafe on the first floor – you will take so many photos here alone! There are statues of all the Peanuts characters that you’ll see throughout the cafe as well as various scenes in the display cases including Snoopy and Woodstock hiking, Charlie Brown and Snoopy surfing and the whole gang playing baseball. At the top of the stairs in the window overlooking Cameron Road, there is also a fountain of Charlie Brown and Snoopy.


    One advantage of visiting the Charlie Brown Cafe in the morning on a weekday is that there were only a handful of people already there so it was nice and quiet which is always good. I believe it can get very busy later in the day and at weekends.

    The cafe is self service so you order and pay for your food and drink at the counter before you go and find a table. Your food and drink is then brought to you when it is ready and as it was quiet, I had no trouble finding an empty table – in fact there was so many empty tables, I had trouble deciding where to sit!


    Despite them offering a breakfast menu, once I saw their display of cakes I knew that I wanted one of those to eat instead. All the cakes were works of art and it took me ages to decide what to order. In the end I decided I had to order Tiramisu (one of my favourite things) as well as a Grande Soy Latte. Altogther I spent HK$81 which works out to £7.30. I have read online that some people think that the cafe is very expensive but where else are you going to be able to sit and drink your coffee next to a giant Snoopy statue?


    Both my Tiramisu and coffee had Charlie Brown on them and as I’ve never had a latte with “coffee art” on before, I could not stop taking photos for ages. It seemed a shame to consume them as they just looked so perfect but eventually I did and they were delicious. There was also free wifi available which was a nice touch – you just needed to get the password from one of the staff.


    After finishing my food and drink, I took the time to look at the various decorations around the cafe – the large round lights on the ceiling are Peanuts Gang themed. The tables also have different characters on them – I had Sally Brown on the table where I was sitting.


    There are even more statues of the characters throughtout the cafe – it was so lovely that it was not busy as it made it very easy for me to take as many photos as I wanted without disturbing anyone. Even the toilets are Peanuts themed but I did not take any photos of them!


    There are also giant statues of both Charlie Brown and Snoopy drinking their coffee inside the cafe so it seemed only right to get a photo taken with them – again something that would be a lot more difficult when busier.


    If you want to buy one of the Charlie Brown Cafe mugs that you have just drunk from then there is a whole section of merchandise to tempt you on the way out. I’m still trying to be good and not buy any more souvenirs so I was strong and did not buy anything.


    I cannot wait to go back to the Charlie Brown Cafe again on a future visit to Hong Kong. Next time I think I’ll visit in the afternoon so I can order something from the lunch menu followed of course by another delicious cake. I so want to see the Snoopy-shaped rice in person but sadly it comes with a Bolognaise meat sauce on the side which I cannot eat so I’ll have to take someone with me who can order it instead.

    I loved my first visit to a themed cafe. Where do you recommend I visit in the future. Let me know in the comments below…

    Since my visit, the Charlie Brown Cafe has moved premises to Fortuna House just around the corner on Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui.

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