1. The Braemar Hill Lookout – Hong Kong

    As much as I loved my hike to Jardine’s Lookout in Hong Kong last year, I knew that there was a very similar but equally as amazing view of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon which I wanted to see and had yet to discover. After a little bit of research, I discovered that the view is from the Braemar Hill Lookout and is known as one of the easiest and quickest “hikes” (it’s more of a short walk as you take the bus most of the way) in Hong Kong. (more…)

  2. How to Walk up to The Peak in Hong Kong

    The view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak is one of the most iconic city views in the world and is usually at the top of every to-do list when visiting Hong Kong. The easiest, quickest and most popular way to get to the Peak is to take the famous Peak Tram which takes seven minutes to get to the top however there can often be long lines which during busy times of the year and on clear days can sometimes be several hours long. (more…)

  3. Hong Kong Disneyland Planning Guide

    Hong Kong is one of my most visited cities in the world so it would make sense that Hong Kong Disneyland is my most visited Disney park in the world. It really is my happy place and I try to visit every time I’m in Hong Kong (which is usually once a month) even if it’s just for a few hours.

    I recently wrote a planning guide for visiting Shanghai Disneyland so it is only right that I do the same for the amazing Hong Kong Disneyland that I have visited more times than I can honestly remember. I really hope that it will help anyone who is planning a trip to Hong Kong. (more…)

  4. Rabbitland Cafe – Hong Kong

    My most recent Hong Kong cute cafe discovery was the Rabbitland Cafe which I found out about thanks to a post that I saw on Instagram. It was even better as the Rabbitland Cafe is located in the heart of Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island where I stay each time I am in Hong Kong – it really was just around the corner from my hotel so it only took me two minutes to walk there! (more…)

  5. Cheung Chau Island – Hong Kong

    Cheung Chau on a Saturday in August. Everything about that sentence indicates it’s not the best idea in the world but this is where I found myself a few weekends ago whilst on a quick trip to Hong Kong. I had originally wanted to visit on a weekday however my work schedule did not work out so with nothing else to do at a weekend, I decided on a quick trip to Cheung Chau. (more…)

  6. Peng Chau Island – Hong Kong

    I’m always looking for new places to visit during my almost monthly trips to Hong Kong and earlier this year I read about the Outlying Islands of Cheung Chau and Peng Chau which are both easily accessible by ferry from Central. (more…)

  7. How to Get From Hong Kong Island to Hong Kong Disneyland

    I never thought I would write this blog post as I have always thought that getting to Hong Kong Disneyland from Hong Kong Island was incredibly simple and did not need explaining. Recently however, many people have asked me to give them directions of how to do the journey or asked me if it is easy to do. Therefore two weeks ago whilst I was in Hong Kong, I took some photos during the journey to Hong Kong Disneyland. (more…)

  8. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery – Sha Tin, Hong Kong

    The one place I’ve wanted to visit in Hong Kong for quite some time is the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (also known as Man Fat Tsz) located in Sha Tin. Last week my boyfriend was in Hong Kong with me and as he had not visited either, it seemed to be the perfect time to take a trip up to the New Territories. (more…)

  9. The Pompompurin Cafe – Hong Kong

    For my final trip to a character cafe last year in Hong Kong, I decided to visit the Pompompurin Cafe. I will admit I did not know anything about Pompompurin apart from the fact that he is a Sanrio character. I soon discovered he is a golden retriever dog who wears a brown beret (according to his owner he looks like a pudding with his beret on and purin is Japanese for pudding), was born on the 16th April (a sunny day), loves caramel pudding and collects shoes. (more…)