1. Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine – Hong Kong

    When I first started seeing photos of the themed dim sum at Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine in Hong Kong, I knew that I had to visit. What’s not to like about a restaurant where everything including the food is themed to Hello Kitty?

    As I’d read online that the restaurant can get very busy and as they currently do not accept reservations, I planned my visit for when it opened at 11:00am on a weekday morning.  Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine is located in Kowloon so to get there I took the MTR from Causeway Bay where I was staying to Jordan on the Tsuen Wan Line. After leaving the station from exit C2, it is less than a ten minute walk to the end of Bowring Street where the restaurant is located just around the corner on Canton Road.  I was there a few minutes early and as it was an incredibly rainy day, I waited underneath a nearby bus shelter until it opened.


    I loved the restaurant as soon as I walked inside.  I had definitely picked the right time to visit as it was only myself and two other people there at the time it opened – it only started to get busier just after midday. This was perfect as we could all get as many photos of the restaurant as we wanted without anyone in the pictures.  The restaurant itself is quite small so I can only imagine how crowded it feels when it is full – not fun at all.

    Everywhere you look in the restaurant, you can see Hello Kitty. There is not only a statue of her but her image is also carved into the tables and chairs, on the walls, hanging from the light fittings, on all the chinaware as well as being on some very beautiful ancient Chinese-style paintings.


    Despite there only being a Cantonese menu on their website, I was immediately offered an English menu without even asking.  As I do not eat meat, this made my life so much easier as at least I now knew what I would be able to order.  After much deliberation, I eventually decided to order the Hello Kitty Shrimp Dumpling, the Hello Mimmy Vegetable and Shrimp Dumplings and the Hello Kitty Mille-Feuille.

    There are also lots of different Chinese dishes to order but who wants those when you can order Hello Kitty-shaped food.


    I also ordered some Jasmine Tea to drink and even the teapot had Hello Kitty on it! The teapot was huge so I was still drinking tea until I left.


    When my food was brought out, I was in absolute awe at the detail – it was simply perfection. I don’t think I’ve ever had such cute food before in my life. I’m not sure of how many photos I took of my food before I started eating it but it was definitely a lot. Even the paper that the Dim Sum were sitting on was shaped like Hello Kitty as well as the bamboo steamers. I made use of the free wifi to upload a photo to Facebook and Instagram.

    It took a lot of willpower to actually start eating as it all looked too good to eat. I really enjoyed both portions of the dumplings – they were very light with lots of flavour. The Mille Feuille was actually a sponge cake (and not what I would call a Mille Feuille) which made it very filling so I’m glad I did not order any more as I would not have been able to eat it all on my own.


    I did not have room for any dessert so I asked for the bill once I’d finished eating. Including service charge, I paid HK$231 for my lunch which works out to around £21/$30. Whilst this does seem quite expensive for what I ate compared to other dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong, I did not mind paying this and would have no hesitation in going back again.


    If you’re a fan of Hello Kitty then you definitely need to make this your first stop in Hong Kong.

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