1. Mystic Manor – Hong Kong Disneyland

    As I will be visiting the fantastic city of Hong Kong again next week and will of course have time for another trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, I have decided to write and post some photos of one of my favourite Disney attractions – Mystic Manor.

    Mystic Manor (迷離大宅) opened in May 2013 in the Mystic Point area of the park – it was part of the park expansion that also included the neighbouring Grizzly Gulch. I loved that they opened two attractions – Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars and Mystic Manor – that were unique to Hong Kong Disneyland and not found in any other Disney park. Mystic Manor uses the same trackless ride technology as Pooh’s Hunny Hunt in Tokyo Disneyland, Aquatopia in Tokyo DisneySea and Ratatouille in Walt Disney Studios Paris.

    The best time to ride Mystic Manor is first thing in the morning as soon as the park opens. As the ride is situated at the furthest point from the park entrance, most people seem to go to other attractions first. I have had the ride to myself several times at park opening – all my photos were taken early morning so you can see the lack of crowds in Mystic Point at this time of day.


    Mystic Manor is the home of Lord Henry Mystic – a member of the “Society of Explorers and Adventurers” who collects artifacts and antiquities from his journeys around the world. He has turned part of his home into a museum to display his collection which is open for public tours. Keep an eye out on the opening day portrait of Mystic Manor as you enter and look for a young Walt and Roy Disney in the crowd.


    As soon as you enter Mystic Manor, you are introduced to Albert the Monkey. Pictures show Lord Henry rescuing Albert from a giant spider and the two became inseparable afterwards with Albert joining him on his travels around the world.


    Also in the queue line is a photo of Lord Henry and Albert with his fellow members of the “Society of Explorers and Adventurers”. Also in this photo is Harrison Hightower (and Shiriki Utundu) who owns the Hightower Hotel which is the setting of Tower of Terror in Tokyo DisneySea and Captain Mary Oceaneer from the Oceaneer Lab onboard the Disney Magic.


    The next part of the queue shows pictures of Lord Henry and Albert on their adventures around the world. You will see many of the actual artifacts shown in the pictures later on in the tour. There are also portraits of many of Lord Henry’s acquaintances including Maestro D Elfman – a nod to Danny Elfman who actually composed the soundtrack for Mystic Manor.




    You then reach the waiting area for the Presentation Room which is the pre-show for Mystic Manor.

    Once inside the Presentation Room, a slide show narrated by Lord Henry begins which is quickly interrupted by Albert! Lord Henry then tells us about his latest acquisition which is an ancient music box which “has the power to bring inanimate objects to life with a touch of its enchanting music” – a notion he dismisses and does not believe. Albert reappears and Lord Henry tells us that Albert can’t keep his hands off the music box – well it does have monkeys on the side of it!

    At this point, you are already completely in love with Albert the Monkey and you haven’t even been on the ride yet!


    After leaving the Presentation Room, you walk to the loading area to board your Mystic Magneto Electric Carriage for your tour of Mystic Manor.

    Your ride experience will vary depending on which carriage you board as each vehicle takes a slightly different route through Mystic Manor. Having been on the ride many times, I believe the best ride experience is from the first carriage so I will always ask to wait for Rows 1 or 2. The reason it is my favourite is because both carriages 1 and 3 will experience the full show in the Chinese Salon room whereas carriages 2 and 4 only join in half way though.


    As your tour of Mystic Manor begins, you will see the music box previously mentioned by Lord Henry. Albert appears and opens the music box bringing everything on the tour to life and chaos ensues! Albert eventually saves the day making you love him even more than you do already.

    I won’t even try to explain everything that happens on the ride. I have included some photos (taken without flash obviously as to not ruin the ride for anyone) and some videos from some of my visits.


    Even before the ride ends you are already wondering if you can buy an Albert of your own and of course you can – there is the obligatory gift shop at the exit full of Albert goodies. Each time I go back, there are even more Alberts dressed in different costumes. After a handful of visits, I am still being strong and have yet to buy an Albert for myself – I did crack and buy the fridge magnet though!


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