1. How to Get From Hong Kong Island to Hong Kong Disneyland

    I never thought I would write this blog post as I have always thought that getting to Hong Kong Disneyland from Hong Kong Island was incredibly simple and did not need explaining. Recently however, many people have asked me to give them directions of how to do the journey or asked me if it is easy to do. Therefore two weeks ago whilst I was in Hong Kong, I took some photos during the journey to Hong Kong Disneyland.

    Recently the Star Ferry has started to sail from Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon to the Hong Kong Disneyland Ferry Pier next to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel but I would not recommend this to anyone as they only sail twice a day and the timings mean you will miss park opening and you would also have to leave before the fireworks and the parade in the evening. Also at 180 HKD it is incredibly expensive and not worth the money given how much park time you miss out on.

    The quickest and easiest way to get to Hong Kong Disneyland is to use Hong Kong’s brilliant and efficient MTR system. If you do not have an Octopus Card then you will need to buy a single journey ticket – this is simple as you simply need to select “Hong Kong Disneyland” as your station on the ticket machines. You can look up fares in advance on the MTR website.

    Wherever you are staying on Hong Kong Island, you will need to take the MTR Island Line to Central Station.

    After arriving at Central, you will need to follow the signs for the Tung Chung Line and Disneyland Resort Line. There are plenty of signs so it is very difficult to go wrong. These signs will lead you to two sets of moving walkways that lead through to Hong Kong Station which is connected underground to Central Station. This walk takes just under five minutes.

    Once in the concourse of Hong Kong Station, take the escalator downstairs to the Tung Chung Line. It is impossible to board the wrong train as it is the first station on the Tung Chung Line and all trains go in the same direction and to the same destination. A sign at the bottom of the escalator will let you know which platform the next train is departing from.

    After leaving Hong Kong station, you will need to take this train six stops to Sunny Bay station which takes just over twenty minutes.

    At Sunny Bay the transfer to the Disneyland Resort Line could not be any easier as you simply walk across to the other side of the platform – nearly everybody else will be going the exact same way. The train to Hong Kong Disneyland runs roughly every five to ten minutes and often more frequently during peak times.

    Once onboard the brilliantly themed Disneyland train (I love the Mickey-shaped handles), it is only a short five minute ride to Disneyland Resort Station.

    One word of advice I will give is to let everyone rush ahead of you after arriving at Disneyland Station – it makes the stairs and escalators (there is also an elevator) and leaving the station much more saner.

    From the station, it is a short walk to the park entrance. Another top tip is to not take your photo at the Hong Kong Disneyland sign that you see immediately when leaving the station as it is always crowded. If you walk a little further past the Surfing Mickey fountain at the park entrance towards the hotels, you will find another sign with no one ever in sight. It’s a great spot to get a photo without anyone else in it.

    So as you can see, it really is that easy. Enjoy your day at Hong Kong Disneyland.

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