1. Snoopy’s World – New Town Plaza, Sha Tin, Hong Kong

    After my visit earlier this year to the Charlie Brown Cafe in Hong Kong, I knew that next on my list of places to visit would be Snoopy’s World – a small “theme park” located in the New Territories on top of the New Town Plaza shopping mall in Sha Tin.  The best thing about Snoopy’s World is that it is completely free of charge to visit.

    I had originally planned to also visit the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery in Sha Tin however it was the Ching Ming Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day when I was there so I thought I would leave it for another time in case it was very busy.

    Getting to Sha Tin on the MTR is easy.  From my hotel on Hong Kong Island I took the Tsuen Wan Line to Yau Ma Tei, then the Kwun Tong Line to Kowloon Tong before making a final change onto the East Rail Line to Sha Tin.  The whole journey took just over thirty minutes and cost HK$15.50 using my Octopus Card.

    To get to Snoopy’s World you need to follow the signs for exit A to New Town Plaza when leaving Sha Tin Station.  Once inside the mall, simply stay on the same level and walk directly across to the other side and out of the doors and you will be there – there are signs as well if you need them.

    Snoopy’s World opens at 11:00am and as I arrived there about twenty minutes early, I killed some time taking photos around the entrance.


    If it’s possible I would recommend visting Snoopy’s World on a weekday and not on a public holiday or at a weekend. Being a public holiday, a large crowd built up at the entrance waiting to be let in. Don’t be fooled by not seeing many people in my photos – I took them in the spilt second that there were no one in shot and sometimes waited a few minutes just to get that photo. I also let the crowds rush in when it opened which made getting some of the photos at the entrance much easier.

    The world’s largest Snoopy figure lies on top of the Doghouse which you walk through to enter Snoopy’s World.


    The best way to describe Snoopy’s World is a large playground with several different themed areas.


    The school bus is located in the “School Plaza: Peanuts Academy” area. You can board the bus and pretend to drive it as well as take your photo with Charlie Brown, Linus and Sally who are sitting in front of it.


    The “Baseball Playground: Peanuts Dugout” is a childrens play area where a lot of the crowd had headed straight away when Snoopy’s World opened.


    The rest of the crowd had all run to start queuing for the “Boating Canal: Canoe Ride” which does not open until 12:00pm. Unlike in previous years, the boat ride is also now free of charge hence why it attracts a crowd and therefore a long line – another reason why it’s better to visit on a normal weekday.


    You can also get married at Snoopy’s World in the “Community Hall: Snoopy Wedding House”. There are also plenty more Peanuts character photo opportunities in this area.


    Behind the Wedding Chapel is the “Mini Town Area: Peanuts Boulevard” which is a small street where you can find a bank, a post office and a theatre – another area full of photo opportunities.


    Given the long line and the humidity, I decided to give the boat ride a miss given as I’d be queuing for ages for a very short three minute ride. I visit Hong Kong regularly so I’ll make a return visit in the future when it’s quiet.


    Snoopy’s World is well worth a quick trip if you are in Hong Kong whether you are a Peanuts fan or not. As long as you’re not expecting a theme park like Ocean Park or Hong Kong Disneyland, you will have a fun visit and get plenty of great photos. As I always say, where else in the world would you get to visit a unique attraction like this?

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