1. How to Get from Gare du Nord to Disneyland Paris by RER

    This blog post was written after my last trip to Disneyland Paris back in December 2013 and I have not been back to Paris since so I am aware that things will have changed by now. If certain things have changed, people have been kind enough to leave a comment below so please read those as well for any updated information.

    Most people when travelling from London to Disneyland Paris tend to use the direct Eurostar service to Marne-la-Vallée station which is situated next to the park. However this train does not run everyday during off-peak times and it does sell out leaving you to find an alternative route to get there.

    I visited Disneyland Paris for a few days in December and as I have done many times before, I took the Eurostar to Gare du Nord in the centre of Paris before using the RER train to travel out to the Disneyland Resort. I prefer this way of travelling due to the wider choice of train times as well as on the return journey, being able to avoid the utter chaos that is involved with departing Marne-la-Vallée station by Eurostar. I also prefer clearing UK Immigration at Gare du Nord on the journey back as opposed to the direct train which has to clear immigration at St Pancras – the one time I took the direct train back from Marne-la-Vallée we waited 50 minutes at St Pancras as there was only two officers checking the passports for an entire train.

    The journey from Gare du Nord to Marne-la-Vallée is very easy as is the process of buying the tickets for the RER.

    After arriving at Gare du Nord, make your way along the platform to the main area of the station where you will see many signs for the RER and the Metro. After taking the escalator down one level (sorry I have no idea if there is an elevator), keep following the signs for the RER and ignore the first ticket machines that you see as there are always long queues for them – the machines further on rarely have any lines.


    Near the entrance to the RER platforms are a ticket office as well as many green ticket machines. The machines will only accept coins and credit/debit cards so if you have notes you will need to visit the ticket office which can get very busy. The single adult fare from Gare du Nord to Marne-la-Vallée is €7.30.

    Edit (December 2014) The one way adult fare from Gare du Nord to Marne-la-Vallée is now €7.50.


    The machines are incredibly easy to use and if you do not speak French then you are able to change to language to English as well as Spanish. After selecting the language you need, to buy tickets you will need to:

    Select “To buy tickets, books of tickets, season tickets”
    Select “Ile de France tickets”

    Use the keypad to start typing Marne-la-Vallée and select the station name when it appears on the screen

    Select if you would like to purchase either single or return tickets
    Select how many tickets you need
    Select whether the tickets are full price or for a child

    The final step is payment<


    After purchasing your tickets, you will need to take either of these two trains to Châtelet Les Halles:

    RER B in the direction of Robinson / Saint-Rémy-lés-Chevreuse
    RER D in the direction of Malesherbes / Melun

    I would recommend taking the RER B train as the connection at Châtelet Les Halles is much simpler. Once on the platform the television screens display all the stops that the next train will be making – Châtelet Les Halles is the next station after Gare du Nord so every RER train will make this stop.

    Once on the train you will see that Châtelet Les Halles is lit up as the next stop.


    The transfer to the RER A train at Châtelet Les Halles from the RER B train could not be easier as you simply walk the few steps across to the other side of the platform.

    As the RER A train has two different destinations, you will need to check the displays above the platform to ensure that you board the correct train. Once again the display shows the information for the next train to arrive at the station so as long as Marne-la-Vallée is lit up on the display as it is in the photo below, then the next train will be the one you need. The trains run on average one every ten to fifteen minutes.


    The journey takes just over half an hour and you do not need to worry about missing your stop as Marne-la-Vallée is at the end of the line.


    The buses to the Disney Hotels are right outside the station but if you are staying at the Hotel New York as we were, then it is much quicker to walk as you will probably be there before a bus arrives as it is such a short distance.

    When taking the RER back to Gare du Nord, the process is exactly the same. You will need to change once again at Châtelet Les Halles to the RER B train in the direction of Aéroport Charles de Gaulle / Mitry-Claye. Once back at Gare du Nord the Eurostar is clearly signposted.

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    168 thoughts on “How to Get from Gare du Nord to Disneyland Paris by RER

    1. Phil Hoffer

      Hi Nikki,

      Many thanks for your very detailed instructions. It should help us a lot on our trip in August.

    2. Nikki

      Hi Phil.

      Thanks for your kind words. It is a very easy trip however when leaving Disneyland Paris to get back to Gare du Nord give yourself a little extra time especially in rush hour as the trains can get busy with all the commuters.

      Have fun in Disneyland Paris and enjoy Ratatouille 🙂

    3. Anonymous

      This is the most helpful information I have found on getting to Disney from Gare Du Nord, it has made our holiday easy as I was travelling alone with 2 young children.

    4. Anonymous

      Thanks for concise easy to follow instructions we are visiting the park in feb next year doing this route great instructions.

    5. Nikki

      Even though I’ve always bought two single tickets each time, from looking on Google I’m led to believe that you can use return tickets on any day.

    6. Nikki

      Sorry but I wouldn’t have any idea how much a taxi would cost but my guess would be very expensive. I would recommend the RER over a taxi any day not just due to cost but due to traffic in the centre of Paris.

    7. Anonymous

      We’re looking at going to DLP Feb 2014 from London. The Eurostar isn’t running direct from London to Disneyland Paris at this point, but still goes to Gare du Nord. Will the RER still be open when we go or will it all be closed so we’ll have to find another way of getting there?

    8. Anonymous

      I have put a link to this on the Tripadvisor DLP forum. It is by far the best explanation of the journey I’ve seen. I totally discounted it originally but you have won me round! Let you know how we get on in March 2015. 🙂

      Anon 21/09/2014 – As for Feb 2015 – no reason why the RER would be closed (unless of course you are travelling in the middle of the night of course)

    9. Nikki

      Thank you for your comment – it is such an easy journey to make. The only time the trains get busy is during rush hour so give yourself a little extra time if travelling at that time of day 🙂

    10. Jen Price

      Hi there I was just wondering if i was to get the 1813 train or the 1913 train from gare du nord to london what time would i have to leave disneyland paris in order to get there in time for immigration checks and check in, and how long is the immigration checks and check in timescale bearing in mind i have an 8 year old and would have 3 pieces of luggage sorry for all the questions is just my first time traveling non direct to disneyland paris so trying to get as much information as possible thank you

    11. clare

      Wonderfully clear and concise information. Thanks Nikki. Has taken the stress out of traveling with 2 kids under 5. Was wondering, do you know if children aged 5 go free?

    12. Anonymous

      Are there lifts / elevators in the station as I am wondering how to get down from Eurostar with luggage and a stroller/pushchair

    13. Nikki

      Sorry for the late reply. I have just checked my etickets for my last visit and we travelled on the 1913 train from Gare du Nord. We left Marne-la-Vallee just after 4pm. It was definitely worth leaving early and having extra time as the trains and the stations got incredibly busy with rush hour traffic. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted any less time to do the journey. Check-in and immigration took about ten minutes so not too long at all – believe me Gare du Nord is an absolute dream of a station compared to the chaos of check in and security for the direct train at Marne-la-Vallee which took forever both times I did it.

    14. Nikki

      Sorry but I have no idea as I’ve only ever travelled with one small wheelie bag each time I’ve been to Paris so have always used the escalators that are right by the area where the Eurostar arrives. Does anyone else know?

    15. Nikki

      I’m not sure as I’ve only ever bought adult tickets. If you need to purchase adult/child tickets in one transaction it might be easier to go to the ticket desk 🙂

    16. Anonymous

      Hi Nikki,

      Terrific site! We were wondering if the RER to Marne la vallee was a regular service, say every hour? Or is it like eurostar to marne La vallee where it’s the one service for the day?
      Many thanks,

    17. Nikki

      The RER is a regular commuter train which runs every 10-15 minutes. So if you just miss one, you won’t have long to wait until the next 🙂

    18. Anonymous

      Hi again do you know if a travelcard as such in France would cover the centre if paris to val d’europe because I am staying there for one night before going to disneyland and would like to go to check in and then go back to Paris for sightseeing and thought that would be the cheaper option

    19. samfrost93

      Thanks very much for this, I’ve used the RER and metro several times.. I think the way it lights up the stations makes it much easier to ride!

    20. Anonymous

      Thank you so much for these detailed steps. We are going in March and will be going from Disney to Gare de Nord to catch the Thalys to Amsterdam. I was wondering how long before our departure time from Gare de Nord should we leave from Disney?

    21. Nikki

      Depending on the time of day, give yourself a couple of hours. I think we left Disneyland at 1630 in the afternoon for our 1930 train back to London as we would be hitting rush hour. Always give yourself plenty of time as there was people at Gare du Nord that missed earlier trains.

    22. Anon

      Amazing, helpful information Massive Thanks as we travelling with a girl guiding group and this information has just made our journey much easier and less stressful. Thanks again 🙂

    23. Anonymous

      Hi, Thank you so much for this wonderful information. I was wondering how far the walk from the station to the Hotel New York is in minutes. Thank you

    24. Anonymous

      Thank you Nikki, you have really saved us a lot of money. My husband and I are travelling with our 2 boys in August hence why I wanted to know the distance. Thanks once again.

    25. gopinath

      This is the post i m looking for as i m travelling with kid. One small info will the ticket machine accept ABN AMRO debit card with Pin?

    26. Nikki

      I’ve never even heard of your card but from the photos the card logos shown on the ticket machine are Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard and Carte Bleue.

    27. Mastermyk JR

      Hi Nikki thanks for this informative information we are planning to go to Disney this year and this will be our guide. I already printed this and will be used like our map. thanks

    28. Kris

      Thank you nikki that was a really helpful page for me to get everything sorted and I very much appreciate your kindness in taking the time to do this for us all. i know exactly where i am going now. You’re a star x

    29. Hayley

      Nikki – your details are amazing, and have totally put me at ease. We went to DLP last July but flew, this time we are going via train into Paris……I’ve done a lot of research on trip and so so cuffed I have found your page for a trip next week :-))))))

    30. Anonymous

      Hi Nikki, thanks for the info. I’ve several questions here:

      1-After we buy the ticket, we proceed to RER B, correct? As you shown the picture of RER B, in order to pass thru the get, what we have to do there?Do we swipe the ticket that we bought or how?

      2-Once we pass thru the gate at RER B, we then use train to Châtelet Les Halles RER A, correct? Once we arrive at RER A, we have to walk to RER E as you shown the picture, correct? We don’t have to buy any ticket right?

      3-In order to go back to Gare Du Nord station, do we have to buy ticket? Can you tell me the process how?I mean ticket to where we should buy?

      Sorry for asking to many questions as this gonna be my first trip to europe.

    31. Nikki

      You take the RER B from Gare du Nord to Chatelet Les Halles.

      Once at Chatelet Les Halles walk across the platform and get on the RER A to Marne La Vallee.

      You buy one ticket for the journey at Gare du Nord – you’ll need to keep hold of the ticket as you’ll need it to pass through the barriers at both Gare du Nord and Marne La Vallee.

      To get back to Gare du Nord you need to buy your tickets at Marne la Vallee – you can either use the machines (there are plenty) or go to the ticket office.

      Don’t worry about it too much – it is a very simple and easy journey to make.

    32. Anonymous

      Thank you so much! This is just what I needed as it is my first visit and it really makes a difference knowing what to expect. Brilliant!

    33. Ric Euteneuer

      The other way of doing this, is to change trains at Lille Europe. There are trains from Lille to the West and East of France that skirt around the capital, stop at Paris CDG airport and then Disneyland. I found this out as we were travelling to Nantes and were dreading crossing Paris in the rush hour with our voluminous rucksacks, and a little homework on voyages-sncf.fr showed us there was a direct train to Nantes. I had no idea the same train also stopped at Disneyland (but it did), and the change was across the platform at Lille.

      Bought in advance, tickets are as little as €20 (less for children) and the Lille trains are generally the less busy Brussels Eurostars, so are cheaper.

    34. Anonymous

      Nikki, thank you so much for your really helpful instructions. As a 68 year old granny travelling alone for the first time to Disney to meet my family I was a bit apprehensive. Thanks to you I had no problems at all and found it very easy.

    35. Anonymous

      leaving Disney after the Fireworks and catching the RER A back to Paris- does it stop at all stations in Paris along A Red line or does it end in Gare Du Lyon? for example does it go as far as Charles de Gaulle Etoile?
      finding it hard to get this information and need to book a hotel dont want to book near Eiffle Tower if late trains end in Gare Du Lyon only,as I am travelling alone with a child.

    36. Anonymous

      We wanted to visit Paris with 2 children. We will like to visit Disneyland, Eiffel tower and Elysee Palace. Sleeping over for 2 days and back to London….. any idea about the best places to stay and best way to connect the transport….

      We want the children to see the best of Paris on these 2 days on a budget !….any helpful tips ??


    37. Anonymous

      Thanks Nikki for the detailed info!

      I am going in October from London to Paris and this is what I found:

      SNCB / Eurostar: Departing Oct 08 from London St. Pancras International at 10:24 – Arriving Oct 08 to Paris Nord Eurostar at 13:47 with no changes (€67.50 = $73.15)

      Is this the best and/or the cheapest way to go from London to Paris? If so; at what time should I be at St. Pancras International?

      Thanks again for helping all of us!

      Answer for the question above: I am on a budget too, so I will be staying at the Generator Hostel Paris which is near the Paris Nord and Gare du Nord. I hope this helps…

    38. Nikki

      Sorry I can’t help as I’ve never stayed overnight in the city of Paris itself – I’ve only ever done day trips from London and from Disneyland Paris. Can anyone help?

    39. Nikki

      Check the Eurostar website on http://www.eurostar.com as that train currently has fares for £54 : – there are cheaper fares at different times too.

      If you are already in Central London then the Eurostar is definitely the quickest and easiest way to get to Paris.

      You’ll need to be at St Pancras at least half an hour before train departure but I would always arrive earlier.

    40. Anonymous

      Thank you for such clear instructions. You gave me the confidence to take the family for a magical day out.

      One word of warning is to be careful of ‘helpers’ who will try to buy tickets for you and then ask for cash. They are not employees of the station and are using stolen credit cards. If you mention you want to check with security, they will run away quickly.

      Once again, thanks for your help.

    41. Christine Sykes

      Thanks for your helpful tips. I’m gormless when travelling to new places; but your clear instructions took the pressure out of my day.

    42. steve g

      This is brilliant, just what I need. You wouldn’t happen to know what the transfer from gare du nord to the Amsterdam train is like and if I need to show my passport to anyone?? Lol

    43. Nikki

      Never been to Amsterdam and my guess is you would not need to show your passport between Paris and Amsterdam as you are travelling between two Schengen countries.

    44. Marc

      Do not accept the help of scammers at Gare Du Nord station. You are likely to be approached by people offering to help you buy tickets for the RER train to Disney Land. They will offer to buy your ticket at a machine as the machine doesn’t accept “foreign” bank cards or notes. The tickets are likely to be useless and they charge more for them than the ticket office. We were approached on the 4th Nov 2015. Luckily, I’m a born sceptic and realised the scam.

    45. Toni Bennett

      Thanks for these helpful instructions! Can we use a UK bank card to purchase the tickets? Also, when returning to the UK our Eurostar is due to leave around 8.30pm, what time would you suggest leaving Disney?

    46. Nikki

      I would leave Disney at 5pm at the very latest for a train at 8:30pm so you have plenty of time to make the journey – it’s better to get to Gare du Nord a bit early rather than too late. Also, I’ve always used a UK bank card with no problems.

    47. Deepak Tandel

      Hello NIKKI,
      I have gone through some of your useful response for taveling from Gare Du Nord to Marne la vallee for visiting Disneyland Paris. I have plans of Two days to visit disneyland park (one day) and Walt Disney Studio Park (one day). Please can you tell me whether we can make journey each day from Gare DU nord to Marne Le vallee and return back in the evening. I think there is no necessary to stay near disneyland.

      Please can you also provide some information about the timings of the parade (Carnival) in disneyland park. Is it possible to see the parade and then travel back to Gare Du Nord comfortably.


    48. Nikki

      It’s up to you whether you want to spend nearly two hours every day travelling to and from Disneyland Paris or stay near the park. As for parade times you need to check the Disneyland Paris website as they can change week to week.

    49. Unknown

      I think saying Thank you is too less. I have never seen such detailed and beautiful instruction ever for a travel site with screenshots. Thanks for making the trip so easy

    50. Anonymous

      Thanks for taking the time to share this information, makes the trip seem way less stress full.

      For a family of 4 when we buy tickets at Gare du Nord do we buy separately or can we purchase 4 tickets with one transaction using our credit card.

    51. Julieta

      7.60 now.

      Thank you sooooo much!!! There are no words to thank you for taking the time to do this. We had problems at the machines. My credit card was not accepted and we didn’t had change. We bought at the box office … but I didn’t know how to tell them! Thanks tothe picture you post I could… I show the girl the picture and she gave it to me. Thank you soooo much!!!

      1. Nikki Post author

        Oh my, I seriously had no idea when I wrote this post a few years ago how helpful it would be. I’m glad that it helped you and I hope you had an amazing time at Disney 🙂

    52. Spencer Kingi

      Hi Nikki,
      Thank you for the very detailed instructions of how to get to Disneyland Paris, it is great to have someone like you who takes the time to help others who have never been to this part of the world before. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    53. Conor

      I’m going to Disneyland Paris in April, and I see that this was all posted in 2014. Do you think it will still all apply 2 years later? Thanks

    54. Hannah

      I think I actually love you. Lol.
      This helped me soooooo much! I’ve never travelled this way to DLP before and you made me feel relaxed because I knew what to look out for.
      I’m currently on the RER train to DLP & im just praying that coming home tomorrow will be just as simple ??
      Thank you again!!

      1. Nikki Post author

        Hi Hannah. I’m so happy that you’re on your way to DLP. Have a great time and just make sure to give yourself enough time to get back tomorrow and you’ll be fine x

    55. Ollie

      Thank you for this great information. Please can you tell me if I can buy a return ticket from Paris Gare du Nord to Marne Le Valley travelling out on one day and returning 5 days later.

      1. Nikki Post author

        Hi Ollie. To be honest I’m not sure as I bought a single ticket each time and the last time I did this journey was over three years ago. Does anyone else reading here who has done the journey recently know?

        1. Bliss

          Thanks. One more question. Once the train arrives in Marne-la-Vallee, is the entrance to Disneyland within walking distance?

    56. Anonymous

      This was so helpful when I was trying to find my way to disneyland, I followed all the steps you gave and got to disneyland!!! Thankyou so much

    57. Alex Karev

      This is great.
      It’s going to help me a lot as I am usually a mess at train stations and need to always be asking everyone around for directions.

    58. Donna

      Hi Nikki, We will be going to DLP in August for the first time , We will be coming into Paris via Eurostar and making our way from there. Will it be easy to see where we need to go and does anybody have a recent price for the tickets and weather its worth buying a return or two singles please – Ive just done a search and seems to suggest over 200 Euros – surely that can not be correct for 2 Adults and 2 Children


      1. Nikki Post author

        According to RATP the current adult fare is €7.60 and a child fare is €3.80. So by my calculations for the four of you that would be €22.80 from Gare du Nord to Marne la Vallee.

        And you cannot miss the signs for the RER.

    59. kaps

      Hi Nikki, thanks for taking so much time to post this. We will be travelling with our kids (1 and 5) from kings cross to gau de Nord. We are planning to see the central paris first and then move in evening to our hotel at Disney Land. Do you advise one day pass, a RER day pass ? or a single ticket to cover central paris (Effel tower mainly) and then single ticket to our hotel at disney land. Not sure if a RER single day pass will cover both of these journeys. Please advise.

      1. Nikki Post author

        The last time I was in Paris was four years ago so I am probably not the best person to help with your question. Enjoy Paris 🙂

    60. Corey

      Used these directions yesterday. They worked perfectly. The only slight difference is that the ticket machines are now white and not green. The fare is 7.60 euros and takes only about 45 minutes or so. Thank you!

    61. Shoaib

      Thank you so much, really helpful and best info I’ve been able to find so far. Made me feel much better as I’m travelling with 3 young children! Thank you again x

    62. Victoria

      Thank you so much! As someone from the United States I am some what familiar with the metro (or subway) system but this post made me so much more comfortable with traveling to Disney as I am staying in Paris. Thank you!

    63. Marieanne

      Thank you so so much!!! Travelling with little ones and Grandma is stressful enough – add huge costs for direct trains and it almost stops you from going! I feel really confident now I have your site and all those great pictures! You are an absolute star for doing this for us all!!!!

    64. Naz

      Just a word of advice. The RER is closed for some days in August 2017 on some stations for track work so an alternative route would need to be planned to avoid walking long distances with luggage and young children.

    65. Jacqueline Thomas

      My daughter and partner are traveling in September with 3 children, 9, 3 and 1 year olds. I can see it’s €7.60 per adult but how much is it for children and can I pre book the tickets online?
      Thank you in advance.

      1. Naz

        From Gare du Nord to Disney Land the machine charged 3.80 euros for children between 4 n 11. On our way back at the ticket office we got charged an adult fare for children over 9!!

    66. Terry W-J

      Wow, what a brillaintly detailed explanation! I have spent the best part of two hours trying to plan this and then you nailed it in the 2 minutes it took me to read through your page! Feeling a lot more relaxed about the trip to Disney now, especially knowing that the Hotel New York is just round the corner! Thanks,

    67. Kay Adeoye

      Eurostar live chat just gave me a link to this blog! Haha, it’s official – you are the official travel guide for Paris to Disney ?. Thank you!

    68. stacey hare

      how long did you allow time wise , to get from Disney to Gare du Nord to catch the eurostar going through immigration at paris.

      BAsically what time should i leave disney to get back to the eurostar

    69. PakJomel

      Planning a trip with the bae and co. Had no idea how to get from gare du nord to marne la vallee and I stumbled upon this page. VERY HELPFUL AND SO IN DETAIL. Thank you so much. You should be a tour guide.

    70. Mel

      Hi there this may sound like a silly question but is the RER a proper train with a toilet, I am travelling with small children and wanted to make sure they can go to toilet if needed.

    71. Ruhaizad

      Hi niki. I am going to disneyland paris next month. When i arrive at the disney station , can i go to the rezort first and check in at the hotel later? I understand there is also a service to send our luggage to hotel? Tq

    72. Jona

      Hi Nikki, I was wondering if there is a luggage storage locker at the DLP station? I am coming from Amsterdam to Gare Du Nord then going to take the RER to DLP however I have luggage with me from traveling from Amsterdam. Thank you!

      1. Nikki Post author

        It’s been four years since I went through Gare du Nord but according to Google there is luggage storage there 🙂

    73. Azmeer

      Wow, this im what looking for, after searching for an hour, this is the best guide to disneyland from gare du nord. Thank you

    74. Mark

      This is a godsend.

      Like most things doing it for the first time can be a bit unnverving.

      This guide makes it so much easier many thanks.

    75. Anonymous

      This was tremendously helpful today, especially the sign photos. I would see if you can update the ticket purchase screenshots though since not only do the machines look different, the interface is totally different plus on the machines we worked with (closer to the gates) there were no language options.

      We finally got it working (thanks in part to our daughter who took 3 years of HS French). There was a security guy blocking the line to the SNCF counter when we tried to just buy there and the two guys in vests who are “machine helpers” that had who had promised to help us when we got to the front of the machine line promptly disappeared.

      I would say to others definitely pay attention to the B train signs – at first we didn’t thinking Nord (our eventual direction) was the one to take but in fact it’s Sur. The photos helped a bunch here along with making sure you take the right “A” train once you switch.

      I really appreciate the detail in here and it says a lot that it was so helpful four years on. Thanks!

    76. Lisa

      This is brilliant. We were quoted nearly £1000 for our trip (6 of us) via Eurostar direct. By splitting the journey we will save nearly £400. Thank you for this detailed quide and I see the main change to your post is that the RER ticket machines are now white, not green (as per the comments of a post earlier this year).

    77. Carly

      Hi Nikki, we have just returned from a trip to Disneyland Paris and had to rely on your blog as we booked tickets for Paris Nord rather than Marne le Valles. You made the trip straighforward and stress free for us and we really appreicated the help as we would have struggled without this – thank you so much!!

    78. megan

      Hello, would u need to get a separate ticket to get to chatelet les halles then to get the train to Marne la Vallee? Thanks for any help

      1. Nikki Post author

        The ticket you buy in Gare du Nord will see you through all the way to Marne-la-Vallée – you do not need to buy two tickets.

    79. Toni & Chris

      Hi, we booked a trip to DLP through Wowcher and only found out that the train included only goes to Paris gard du nord after we received our tickets. We were quite stressed when we realised that we have to make our own way from central Paris, especially looking at some of the fares quoted on the Internet. Reading your blog and the subsequent posts has made us feel a lot happier. We are going on Monday and will let you know how we get on when we return. Many thanks.

    80. Shao Chan

      Thank you sooooo much for this article. It helps a lot. We have a problem. We’re due to go out on the 22nd March 2018 but a strike by SNCF means that the connecting train after we get off Eurostar at Lille is likely to be cancelled.

      We’re trying to get our tickets changed to continue to Gare Du Nord to follow this article in going via Châtelet Les Halles, but there may be a problem in that SNCF controls some of this route also.

      Does the SNCF strike affect this route? Also, failing that, what are the alternatives for getting to Disneyland Paris?


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