1. Rabbitland Cafe – Hong Kong

    My most recent Hong Kong cute cafe discovery was the Rabbitland Cafe which I found out about thanks to a post that I saw on Instagram. It was even better as the Rabbitland Cafe is located in the heart of Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island where I stay each time I am in Hong Kong – it really was just around the corner from my hotel so it only took me two minutes to walk there!

    The Rabbitland Cafe is very active on both Facebook and Instagram where they post adorable photos and videos of all their rabbits. They also post when the cafe has been booked for private parties which is very useful so you know not to visit at those times. I went straight to the cafe as soon as I arrived in Hong Kong on a Wednesday night to make a reservation (which I had read was advisable) for two days later on the Friday afternooon but I arrived to an empty cafe and was told I would have no problems just turning up on a weekday as it is only the weekends that get very busy – I could have stayed in the cafe that night but I was so tired after the long flight from London that I would not have enjoyed it and decided to come back on the Friday.

    The Rabbitland Cafe is located on Jaffe Road in Causeway Bay. If using the MTR, after leaving from Exit E, simply walk around the corner where the Sogo department store is located and you will see a covered shopping area ahead of you which leads through to Jaffe Road. Once on Jaffe Road, take a left and the Rabbitland Cafe is located on the third floor of the building on your left which is directly opposite the DJI Flagship Store.

    I had read online that the cafe opened at 1:00pm however it was still closed when I arrived about 1:40pm. I could hear them vacuuming inside so I knew that it would be open shortly so after a short walk around the block, I returned just as it was opening before 2:00pm. I was actually the first person there which was never my intention but it worked out perfectly as it meant I was able to enjoy the cafe in peace and quiet before more people arrived though as it was a weekday afternoon, it never got crowded the whole time I was there.

    There are some rules to be aware of which are posted outside before you even enter: no children under 6 are allowed inside and each child aged 7-12 must have an adult each with them. You must also take your shoes off once inside and wear socks – I had come prepared and had a pair with me that I put on but they do have them for sale for HK$10 a pair if needed. Also they do not take credit cards – they only accept cash.

    Once I had changed into my socks and was given some anti-bacterial gel for my hands, I was free to go inside and sit down and meet the rabbits. The rules once inside are very simple (they are written in the menu book on each table) – you can pet and feed the rabbits but you cannot pick them up. There are several pens set up where you can pet the rabbits, a rabbit running around as well as six large cages set up on the wall each with a rabbit inside – you can open, pet and feed the rabbits on the top and middle levels (but again do not pick them up) but you cannot disturb the two rabbits on the bottom level as they are resting.

    As I visited on a weekday, there was no time limit in the cafe but there is a minimum spend of HK$50. If you visit at a weekend or a public holiday, there is a minimum spend of HK$50 but also a 60 minute time limit – you can pay extra to increase your time or order the combo meal set to have no time limit. Purchasing rabbit food is not included in the minimum spend.

    I ordered a toasted cheese sandwich to eat and a 7up to drink as well as a cup of rabbit food. My bill came to HK$88 in total which I paid just before leaving the cafe.

    After eating, I spent the rest of my time in the cafe looking at, petting and taking photos of the rabbits. I loved that they all had little information cards on their pens so you could see their name, when they were born as well as their characteristics and likes and dislikes. Apparently all the rabbits at the Rabbitland Cafe were rescued after being abandoned by their owners when they could no longer care for them.

    I know you should never pick favourites but little Bread completely stole my heart. He was running around the cafe as well as eating lots and just being completely adorable as well. Even when I was sitting and eating my sandwich I could feel someone nibbling on my socks and looked down and Bread was cuddled up next to my feet. I loved him.

    I spent about an hour and a half at the Rabbitland Cafe and after I paid my bill, I was given more anti-bacterial gel to clean my hands as well as a Rabbitland loyalty card where after 5 and 10 visits, you can earn free food and drink.

    If you love cute cafes as well as rabbits, I would definitely recommend a visit to the Rabbitland Cafe if you are in Hong Kong. I never grew up with pets so I was not expecting to love the experience as much as I did and I loved every minute of it. I will definitely go back as after all, I need to see my little buddy Bread again!

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