1. The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel – Shanghai, China

    If you were to ask someone for their opinion on the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel in Shanghai, they would probably tell you that it’s a tourist trap and to avoid it at all costs and to save your money. I am however, not one of those people. When I first heard about the tunnel, I knew that it would be one of the places I had to visit whilst in Shanghai – it just sounded so wacky and one of those strange “only in China” attractions that you would never see anywhere else.

    It is definitely the most expensive way to cross the Huangpu River between Puxi and Pudong – it costs 50 RMB one way and 60 RMB return whereas the ferry only costs 2 RMB!

    There are two entrances of the Puxi side – both very close to the junction with Nanjing Road and to the area where everyone takes photos of the famous skyline.


    The entrance in Pudong is a bit more difficult to find but it is located between the river and the Oriental Pearl Tower on Mingzhuta Road.


    At the bottom of the escalators either side of the tunnel are gift shops along with the ticket office as well as some fantastic “Engrish” signs. You will then need to take a second escalator down to board the cars. I don’t know if it ever gets busy or not as I’ve never seen anyone waiting and I’ve always had a car to myself.


    On the journey across the river you are treated to a light show, music, movie screens and probably what will be the one of the most trippiest and strangest things you will ever experience! Along the way you will hear various phrases such as:

    Shining Stars
    Space Swirl
    Fossil Variants
    Nascent Magma
    Paradise and Hell
    Mantle Waltz
    Basalt in Blue Water
    Sea Cadence
    Meteor Shower


    This is my video of the journey from Puxi to Pudong – there are no words to describe how brilliantly out there the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel is!

    This is truly one of those “must-do” attractions in Shanghai just for the pure fact that you will never experience anything like it outside of China. Please do not listen to the people who say that it is a waste of time. Go and see for yourself and make your own mind up!

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