1. Disney Dream Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom 5522

    If you’ve read my previous two blogs about our staterooms that we stayed in on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, then you might recall me saying that I would always book a verandah cabin on any future cruises we took as I would not want to sail without one.

    However on our recent cruise on the Disney Dream, we booked an oceanview stateroom. It had never been our intention to do this, however one day I was online and saw some photos of some giant oceanview staterooms onboard the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy. Given the size of these rooms (they are nearly double the size of a regular stateroom), we were immediately interested and were able to book one of them for our cruise. We knew we would miss having a verandah but as it was only a four night cruise, we thought what the hell. Would I stay in this stateroom again? Well keep reading to find out.

    Stateroom 5522 is a Category 8A “Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom” on Deck 5 forward. There are six Category 8A staterooms on Deck 5 however only four of them feature the split layout with the half dividing wall that we had – 5522, 5022, 5520 and 5020. These rooms are in a very quiet area of the ship as there is very little foot traffic outside in the corridors – only the not very often used accessible entrance to the teen club Vibe is close by. They are also close to the forward stairs and elevators making access to other areas of the ship easy.

    The only noise we discovered was during showtimes as the staterooms are immediately above the Walt Disney Theatre and you could hear the bass from the music being played. If you actually go and see the shows (which we did not on this cruise), then you will not hear this noise as you will either be in the theatre or at dinner. However late one night, noise from rehearsals in the theatre below woke me up and kept me awake when I desperately wanted to sleep.

    Our photo tour begins at the forward elevators and stairs.  There are only staterooms in one direction as the Buena Vista Theatre is immediately behind you.   Stateroom 5522 is located on the starboard (right) side of the ship.


    As soon as you enter the room, you can see immediately how much bigger the stateroom is. The amount of extra floorspace you have compared to a regular stateroom is amazing. It feels like having two separate rooms – a bedroom as well as a living area. This was our first time staying in a stateroom that had an interconnecting door but we did not notice any extra noise – either that or we had very quiet neighbours.


    The bed is the same as on all of the other three Disney ships with a small nightstand including a drawer on each side. One thing to note is that there are only power points on one side of the bed – there is a telephone on the other side. There is also a television on the wall which you can watch whilst sitting in bed.


    The lamps on either side of the bed show the locations of all the Disney castles around the world except for Shanghai Disneyland which only opened this year.


    The windows in the room are huge and do provide a lot of light to the room. I loved being able to see outside when sitting in bed. You cannot however look straight down to the water due to the structure of the ship outside. It is also just about possible to be able to sit in the windows too as there is a small padded area at the bottom of each one.


    The other half of the stateroom contains a sofa which can be converted to a bed for a third person. This room cannot sleep four people as it does not have the bunk which is pulled down from the ceiling.


    The desk area provides plenty more storage space as well as another television for that side of the stateroom. There are several electrical sockets available at the desk as well as two Wave Phones which again we did not use – the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app is fantastic for staying in touch onboard.

    There is no need to bring a hairdryer with you onboard as the one provided in the desk drawer is brilliant and very powerful – it can only plug into the outlet provided at the desk though.

    There is a trunk coffee table by the sofa which also provides more storage space when opened.


    There is a large double wardrobe in the corner of the room which contains your lifejackets and the safety deposit box. We did not place any of our luggage under the bed as we were able to use to wardrobe to store our two large suitcases and two cabin wheelie bags during the entire cruise as there was plenty of room for them even with our clothes hanging in there as well.

    There should also be a laundry bag provided in the wardrobe but do not take it home with you as you will be charged $10 to replace it. Ours was missing when we arrived in our stateroom but was replaced the following day once we reported it missing to Guest Services as we wanted to ensure that we would not be charged for it.


    Unlike the majority of the other staterooms on all the Disney ships, these rooms do not have a split bathroom – the toilet, sink, bath and shower are all in one room instead.


    Next to the door is a slot to place your Key to the World which activates the power for the lights, air conditioning and television. There are also emergency instructions on the back of the door. The muster station for Stateroom 5522 is D which is located inside the Walt Disney Theatre.


    As always, I’ve uploaded a video tour of our stateroom.

    So would I stay in this room again? Well the answer is a definite no. As big as this room was and as much as I loved having the extra space, I missed having a verandah more than anything – a lot more than I even thought I would. There is nothing I love more than waking up and going out onto the verandah and sitting in the fresh air and I could not do that on this cruise. Despite the size of the room, we both found it too claustrophobic and I think this definitely affected how much we enjoyed the cruise – I would swap this huge room for a smaller verandah stateroom any day of the week.

    And yes we are going on another cruise next year and this time we have a stateroom with a verandah booked – we’re not making that mistake again.

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