1. How to Get From Copenhagen Airport to Malmö by Train

    When we visited Copenhagen for my birthday in October, we took the first flight in the morning from Heathrow as we always do whenever we fly somewhere in Europe. As we landed so early into Denmark, we decided that the only thing to do was to get the train from the airport across the Oresund Bridge to Malmö so we could both tick Sweden off on our list of countries we have visited.

    The process of buying tickets was incredibly straight forward but as always I took some photos like I have done on other journeys to show how easy it is. After leaving baggage reclaim and customs, the ticket office and ticket machines are located on the right hand side of the arrivals hall.

    You can use the ticket machines in English and German as well as Danish. As the majority of people at the airport travel into the centre of Copenhagen or go to Malmö, you can quick select these two stations on the first screen – they are listed as København H (Copenhagen Central) and Malmø C (Malmö Central) – it really is as simple as that. You can select another destination by pressing “Ticket” on the screen and then choosing from a list of stations displayed. You can also select “Another Station” to choose a destination that is not listed.

    On the next screen, you select the number of adult and child tickets you would like before the next screen displays the different ticket options and the total price for each option. This is where we made a mistake as we selected the “Standard” option for DKK 178 for two adults. We could have saved money by selecting the “Oresund Family” ticket which was DKK 144 for two adults and includes up to three children. I blame the early morning and lack of coffee for not noticing it but thankfully it was only a difference of DKK 34 which is less than £4 so it was not the end of the world.

    We paid for our tickets with a credit card (you could use Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Electron) however I noticed that these machines also accepted notes as well as coins.

    The entrance to Platform 1 for the trains to Malmö is located right next to the ticket machines. At the bottom of the moving walkway, you will have to show photo ID which is required for travel to Sweden before being allowed onto the platform.

    Trains from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö depart every twenty minutes during the day so you will not have a long wait for the next train. I can definitely recommend downloading the free DB Navigator app onto your phone which will show you train times all across Europe – I use it all the time.

    The journey from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö takes roughly thirty minutes. I just wish it had been a nicer day as it was so rainy and misty outside that we could not see anything as we were crossing the Oresund Bridge. There are power points located overhead if you need to charge your phone as I did.

    The train will make a short stop at Hyllie Station when you reach Sweden where Swedish authorities board and carry out another ID check. It only took a few minutes but we did see them take somebody off the train. The train then stops at Triangeln station before you reach Malmö Central.

    Once we got to Malmö Central, it was only a five minute walk to Stortorget and Lilla Torg. After exploring the city and stopping for a coffee and something to eat, we bought tickets to get the train straight back to Copenhagen Central which was close to the hotel where we were staying. The journey is much quicker on the way back as there is no ID check when entering Denmark from Sweden.

    And yes, it was a quick and easy way to tick Sweden off my list of countries I’ve visited but that does not mean that I don’t need to go back. It’s a big country and there’s a lot more that I need to see. Bring it on!

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    34 thoughts on “How to Get From Copenhagen Airport to Malmö by Train

    1. Jacquie Myers

      I’m doing this trip next month, so I think I’ll find your guide really useful. I love being able to see photos so I know what to expect – thanks so much!

      1. Nikki Post author

        Hi Jacquie. Thanks for your comment. Like you, I love being able to see photos on advance so I always make sure I take plenty of them when I go somewhere in case I can help someone else. Enjoy your trip 🙂

    2. Lovell

      Hi Nikki, thanks so much for the info; very helpful! I will doing the exact same trip to Malmo next month, so your post has been an incredibly useful resource. Thanks!!

    3. Robert

      Thanks for the guidance. As it’s nice to see it in practice and indeed it’s pretty simple to use. Like you in travelling just for the day and will return if I want to later on.

      1. Nikki Post author

        October 2016. And a little useful information that you need to know is that neither Denmark or Sweden use the Euro.

    4. Henrik

      You know what travelers need, it was very clear and instructive, I wish all the travel pages would learn from this. Vision is much better than all the writing.

    5. Naomi

      Thank you
      Travelling on my own and this was very reassuring!
      Wasn’t sure if needed danish cash and this answered my question! Fab!

    6. Tracey Taylor

      Very helpful thank you! Going out in September 2018. Do you know if the train you caught back goes on to forum station stop? Our hotel is a5min walk from that station? X

      1. Nikki Post author

        Hi Tracy. I’ve had a look at a map and the train from Malmo will not go to Forum as Forum is an underground station. You have two choices from what I can see – you can get off the train at Copenhagen Central and walk or get off the train at the next stop which is Nørreport St and change to the M1 or M2 metro line to Forum. The only thing I’m not sure about is whether you can use the same ticket for the Metro journey or if you would need to buy another.

        1. Tracey Taylor

          that’s helped thank you. We are purchasing Copenhagen cards so I think it will be easier to go back to airport from Malmo and then just use transport from there. Thanks for your quick response. Any recommendations of places of interest for Malmo or Copenhagen would be fab? Xx

    7. Leanne

      Thanks so much for your comprehensive guide. Knowing exactly what to do makes it so much easier when you are tired or jet lagged.

    8. Allen

      Great tips. Thank you. What do we do with our luggage as we want to come back to the airport, pick it up, and then go to our hotel?

    9. Juan

      Awesome Nikki !!!!, I was so afraid about travelling from Copenhagen to Malmo and … it is so easy … thank you !!!!!

    10. Allan

      this makes me feel easy and calm as my first travel will be in september 2018 and by myself only. i’ve save this for my reference. thanks

    11. Anett Tarto Erwin

      Thanks so much for your post. As you mentioned, the trains stops at Hyllie Station in Malmo. Does that mean you can also get off there? Our hotel is right by that station but it isn’t clear to me if we can get off there! Thanks.

    12. Lucy

      Thanks for this guide .. I am doing the same trip with my family in a few weeks? Can you buy a return ticket at Copenhagen Airport? In your post you bought another in Malmo before coming back, so I am assuming no.


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