1. Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial – Gloucester, Massachusetts

    When we cruised across the Atlantic back in 2015, we took a guided tour of the ship and discovered that the statues of Helmsman Mickey that are found in the lobby atrium of the Disney Magic as well as the Cape Cod area of Tokyo DisneySea are actually based on a real statue found in the beautiful seaside town of Gloucester in Massachusetts.

    In the week between writing this blog and publishing it, I have also found out that there is another Helmsman Mickey statue in the Newport Bay Hotel in Disneyland Paris (another New England connection) so thank you so much to my friends for taking a photo for me.

    The “Man at the Wheel” statue (as it is also known) was built in 1925 as a memorial to all the fisherman lost at sea over the last four centuries. The quote “They That Go Down To The Sea In Ships” is taken from Psalm 107:23.

    I knew that I wanted to see the real statue in person so on the final day of our road trip of New England last year, we made a slight detour on our drive back towards Boston before flying home. The statue is located along the waterfront along Western Avenue and there is plenty of free parking available along the street. We had no problem finding a parking space despite it being a Saturday lunchtime in June.

    Something else that I have since learnt is that the crew from the Andrea Gail which was the ship that was lost during the “Perfect Storm” of 1991 that was later made into a movie, sailed from Gloucester before they were lost at sea – their names are inscribed on one of the plaques by the statue.

    Even though we only spent a short time in Gloucester, there is so much you can see and do whilst there even if you just stop for lunch. It is definitely worth a visit.

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