1. The Christiansborg Palace Tower – Copenhagen, Denmark

    When I travelled to Copenhagen for my birthday last year, I asked some friends and family for suggestions and ideas of sights that I needed to see (apart from the obvious things such as the Little Mermaid, Tivoli and Nyhavn) and my brother told me about the Tower (Tårnet) at Christiansborg Palace which is actually free of charge to visit. It is the highest tower in Copenhagen at 106 metres high however the viewing platform is only at a height of 44 metres.

    On our first day in Copenhagen it rained all day however the next day, it was bright sunshine out with blue skies which would mean amazing views. So after breakfast, we walked from our hotel near Central Station along Strøget towards Slotsholmen in the centre of the city where Christiansborg Palace is situated. The tower opens at 11:00am and as there is only capacity for fifty people on the viewing platform (which means long lines), we got there early at 10:30am where there were already about ten people in line.

    At 11:00am, they opened the doors and we had to go through security (no large bags are allowed inside – smaller bags are fine though) before taking two elevator rides and a set of stairs to the viewing platform which only took a matter of minutes.

    The views from the tower were incredible in every direction you looked so I’m glad that we waited a day before visiting to get the better weather. I could see over the rooftops to Tivoli, the Rådhus (City Hall), Central Station, Amalienborg and the B&W Hallerne where the Eurovision Song Contest (I love Eurovision!) was held in 2014.

    As it was such a clear day, you could even see the Oresund Bridge and Sweden in the distance as well as the wind turbines at Middelgrunden.

    As we were leaving Christiansborg Palace, I noticed that the line to go up the tower was now incredibly long which made me very happy and relieved that we had arrived there early as we now had the rest of the day free to explore Copenhagen rather than waste time waiting in line.

    So if you’re in Copenhagen, you definitely need to visit the tower at Christiansborg Palace – there’s not many places where you can get a great view of an amazing city for free!

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