1. The Braemar Hill Lookout – Hong Kong

    As much as I loved my hike to Jardine’s Lookout in Hong Kong last year, I knew that there was a very similar but equally as amazing view of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon which I wanted to see and had yet to discover. After a little bit of research, I discovered that the view is from the Braemar Hill Lookout and is known as one of the easiest and quickest “hikes” (it’s more of a short walk as you take the bus most of the way) in Hong Kong.

    The easiest and quickest way to get to the Braemar Hill Bus Terminus is to take Green Minibus 25 from Causeway Bay. The bus stop is located to the side of the Wellcome Supermarket on Paterson Street close to the corner with Great George Street. If taking the MTR to Causeway Bay, take Exit E and turn left when leaving the station. The Green Minibuses run every five minutes and the fare is HK$5 which can be paid either by Octopus Card or with cash.

    The bus journey from Causeway Bay to Braemar Hill Bus Terminus should take between ten to fifteen minutes depending on traffic. Once you get off the bus, cross the road and to the left of the school you’ll see some steps leading down to a pathway. Follow this path behind the school which will lead to a much larger set of stairs heading up.

    Keep following the path for approximately ten minutes until you reach a junction. The pathway is mainly flat so it is a very easy walk.

    At the junction, turn right and you’ll see a small trail in-between the trees ahead of you – you’ll see red ribbons attached to the branches to guide you in the right direction. Climb up this short trail and you’ll see some rocks ahead of you – don’t worry as there’s a gap in the rocks you can squeeze through.

    On the other side of these rocks is one of the best free views in Hong Kong. The journey from getting off the bus to here should take no longer than twenty minutes. Both times I have done this “hike” have been early on a weekday so it has been very quiet but I can imagine it does get busier at weekends as well as in the evenings to look at the city all lit up.

    This is definitely the easiest hikes in Hong Kong with definitely one of the best views of the city at the end. If you’re in Hong Kong on a clear day, you know where to go!

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