1. The Pompompurin Cafe – Hong Kong

    For my final trip to a character cafe last year in Hong Kong, I decided to visit the Pompompurin Cafe. I will admit I did not know anything about Pompompurin apart from the fact that he is a Sanrio character. I soon discovered he is a golden retriever dog who wears a brown beret (according to his owner he looks like a pudding with his beret on and purin is Japanese for pudding), was born on the 16th April (a sunny day), loves caramel pudding and collects shoes.

    I usually try to avoid visiting character cafes at weekends however on this trip, the only day I could visit was a Saturday. I decided to do what I always do and arrive at opening time in the hope of it being quieter than later in the day.

    The Pompompurin Cafe is located in the heart of Causeway Bay along Hennessy Road underneath the Sogo Department Store. The best exit to use from Causeway Bay MTR station (which is on the Island Line) is Exit D2 as this is the closest to the entrance to the cafe. Thankfully my hotel was around the corner so it only took about two minutes to walk there.


    I arrived just before 11:00am when it opened and waited outside for a few minutes with one other family. Once the cafe opened, I let them rush ahead whilst I took the time to look at all the Pompompurin storyboards on the way down the stairs.


    I was quickly seated at one of the booth tables and handed a menu as well as a giant Pompompurin to keep me company at my table. One small word of warning is that there is nothing vegetarian on the menu (apart from the desserts) but I believe the menu changes every few months so this could change. Thankfully I do eat seafood so I ordered the only thing on the menu I could eat which was the Tomato Cheese Prawn Spaghetti as well as a “Pineapple Summer Drink” to drink.


    As there was still only one other family in the cafe at this time, I took the opportunity as I always do to take as many photos as I could with no one else in them. There were plenty of photos of Pompompurin and his friends (Muffin, Bagel, Scone, Mint, Tart, Whip, Macaron, Coconuts, Vanilla, Syrup and Custard) including a brilliant picture of all of them riding the Star Ferry as well as some facts about Pompompurin himself. Did you know he weighs the same as a watermelon and is as tall as five big puddings?

    In one corner of the cafe is a little shop where you can buy various Pompompurin merchandise – I remained strong throughout my whole visit and did not buy anything.

    The other thing to know is that the Pompompurin song plays on constant loop – if you do not know the song then I’ve found it here on YouTube. As the song is under two minutes long, you can only begin to imagine how many times you will hear it whilst you are at the cafe. I still had the song stuck in my head two days later!


    I’ve had some amazing drinks in all the different character cafes that I have visited but none of them compare in the slightest to my drink at the Pompompurin Cafe. It was simply perfection. I could not stop staring at the little jelly Pompompurin sitting at the top of my drink – he even had eyes and a little beret on made of chocolate. I took so many photos of it before I could even bring myself to start drinking it and it was delicious and very refreshing.

    Not long afterwards my Tomato Cheese Prawn Spaghetti arrived. It tasted really good and I loved that it had a nice spicy kick to it. You get to keep the Pompompurin jug that has sauce in it but they will bring you a brand new one in a box so you do not need to worry about washing the one on your plate.


    After I finished eating, the cafe had started to get very busy so I was glad that I arrived when I did – there was even a small queue forming when I left just after midday. My bill came to just under HK$240 which worked out to about £23 which is expensive for one meal and a drink. However given the attention to detail throughout the cafe and food which I loved, I thought it was a fair price.


    If you love character cafes, then you have to visit the Pompompurin Cafe – the cuteness is like nothing else. The only word of advice I will give is to try and visit on a weekday when it is much quieter. I will definitely make a return visit as there are plenty of desserts that I have my eye on!

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