1. Disney Magic Transatlantic Cruise: Day Six – At Sea

    After another good night’s sleep, we woke up on this day to a perfect view. The sea just looked so calm and if you looked closely, one of the clouds could have even been mistaken for a Hidden Mickey.

    Looking at the map on the television felt incredibly weird as we were now very much out in the Atlantic Ocean after leaving Funchal two days beforehand and there was indeed a whole lot of nothing between us and Castaway Cay where we would be arriving the following week.


    Ahead in the distance you could clearly see a storm out at sea and a few moments later, the entire starboard side of the ship was treated to an amazing sight of a beautiful rainbow.


    For the first time this cruise, we decided to have breakfast at Lumiere’s. It was not too busy and I now have another Disney Cruise food addiction to add to the ever growing list which is the Mango Mountain Hike smoothie which was absolutely delicious. I also took the to get some photos of the Beauty and the Beast mural on the wall in the restaurant with no one in them.


    After leaving Lumiere’s we noticed that the Future Cruise Booking desk was quiet for the first time since we had left Barcelona. A few months ago, we booked a four night Bahamian cruise on the Disney Dream for September next year – we had booked it when we did so we could reserve the exact room we wanted which was available at that time. It was always our intention to rebook the cruise once onboard to take advantage of the onboard booking benefits. It only took a few minutes to rebook and we were able to keep the same stateroom as well as receiving $100 onboard credit (which will either cover all of the gratuities for both of us or will pay for the car parking at Port Canaveral) and 10% off the cruise fare.

    In those few short minutes, the line for the desk had increased considerably and we were all treated to an epic meltdown by one adult when they realised they would have to wait – she was shouting she had changed her mind about what she had previously booked and wanted to cancel before her credit card was charged. She was told she would have to wait her turn and that her card would have been charged immediately anyway.

    Just as we left the desk I looked down to Deck 3 where Goofy had just appeared and had started doing his daily exercises. I quickly ran down the stairs to watch as he did push-ups, yoga and some stretches before heading outside to walk around Deck 4. He was obviously just concerned about the sheer amount of food that was being consumed and was trying to help out. This appearance was not mentioned anywhere in the Personal Navigator but was just another example of being in the right place at the right time.


    As we had a little time before Anyone Can Cook, we followed Goofy’s example and headed out once again for a few laps of deck 4. It really was a perfect day outside.


    When we arrived at the D Lounge we could not believe how busy it was – obviously everyone wanted the Chocolate Lava Cake that was being made that day by Executive Pastry Chef Greg. There were no more chairs left so we stood at the back. Along with the Lava Cake (which was too sweet for me but everyone else adored) we were also given a glass of the Brachetto d’Acqui Rosa Regale Banfi sparkling wine which was heavenly. It’s not very often that I enjoy a glass of wine so much but it was not too dry which I loved.


    We then headed up to Deck 9 in time to hear the “When You Wish Upon a Star” horn sound at midday. It made me laugh so much that from the moment that you are given a two minute warning that the horn is coming, fully grown adults sit there like children with their fingers in their ears for the whole time – it’s not that loud!

    We found a table in the shade by Signals to start the process of backing up all of our memory cards to our wireless hard drive. Between us we had already taken several thousand photos and the peace of mind of knowing that everything was backed up was invaluable.


    Once all of our photos and videos were backed up and after sharing a few slices of pizza for lunch, I walked around Deck 10 where I have never seen the sea look as blue as what it did.


    Overnight the atrium of the Disney Magic had become “Frozen-fied” ready for the Freezing the Night Away party due to take place that night. I headed inside to get some photos whilst the area was quiet. Whilst we were having lunch, Oaken’s Maypole Swirl and Twirl had taken place.


    Back in our stateroom, we had been left two light-up snowflake necklaces ready for the evening ahead. They were a nice gesture but we did not wear them at all that night. I put them away in our bags to take home with us.


    I was still thinking about the hoody that I had tried on in Mickey’s Mainsail the day before so I headed back down there to try it on again to try and make my mind up. I still really liked it however I thought it would be better to buy a size up so I’d be able to wear layers with it in winter. Unfortunately they did not have any of the other sizes in stock but as luck would have it, two of my friends were due to sail on the Disney Dream the following week. I took a photo of it to ask if they would be able to look for one for me and luckily, they were able to get one for me.

    We sat on Deck 4 for a while enjoying the peace and quiet as “The Ultimate Quest” was taking place inside the ship which was causing entire families to become both crazy and noisy whilst running around the ship looking for clues.


    At 3:00pm we headed inside to Palo for the “Art of the Theme Show” tour. I had high hopes for this tour being really interesting and after watching some YouTube videos of them from the other ships, I was really looking forward to it. Sadly in reality, it was not very good at all. We started in Palo before heading to Deck 5, O’Gills Pub and the Atrium. I was so looking forward to hearing some amazing facts and being shown some hidden details (like in the videos I had seen) but all we were told was just some generic information that they state in every Travel Channel documentary you see on Disney Cruise Line so did not learn anything new – not even the details about the different carpets was mentioned or the original welding join from the construction of the Disney Magic was pointed out. It was such a disappointment and a real waste of time.

    After the tour finished, we headed back to O”Gills as there was a “Disney’s Innovations: Theme Parks” presentation due to start. They talked about the Top Ten innovations that Disney had introduced to theme parks. The list (in no order) was Disneyland, Forced Perspective, the Hub and Spoke, the Berm, Audio-Animatronics, Presentation, Transportation, Ride Vehicles, Resorts and the Single Entrance. They played some video clips to explain each point and it was really interesting.

    As it was late afternoon, we headed to the Cove Pool which due to how windy it had turned, was empty. At the front of Deck 10, it was even difficult to walk and even holding a camera up to take a photo was proving hard. We spent about half an hour by the pool before we had to go inside as we were feeling cold. Yet again, we gave the evening show which was “The Doo Wop Music of the Alley Cats” a miss.

    Even after a hot shower, I was still feeling cold so instead of wearing a dress that night as I usually do, I put on my cargo trousers and a hoody. It felt so strange for me to dress like that for dinner (even on a Cruise Casual night) but as we would be heading outside for the Freezing the Night Away party afterwards, it made sense. The sunset was looking like it was going to be amazing from our verandah so we headed up to an empty Deck 10 where the sky was starting to turn some amazing colours.


    Our dinner was in Lumiere’s and to continue the theme of the day it was the Freezing the Night Away menu. For the first time that week I did not have a cocktail with dinner which caused our Assistant Server Jasmine to ask if I was feeling okay. I was absolutely fine but I just did not feel like having a drink that night – I ordered a Ginger Ale instead. I ordered the Swen’s Carrot Soup and the Portobello Mushroom Consommé to start as every other appetiser dish had meat in it – even the spread they brought out for the bread had liver in it so I had to stick to butter. I had the Bulda’s Vegetable Lattice for my main course which was delicious and incredibly warming and filling which is exactly what I wanted. Again there was nothing I wanted for dessert but I was feeling full anyway.


    There were no character meets that we were interested in at all that day so after dinner, we headed up to Deck 10 to grab a spot to watch Freezing the Night Away. We got there about twenty minutes before and there was only a handful of people already there. It only started to get busy a few minutes before it started – I’m guessing the cold windy weather kept people away until the last minute. About half of the crowd were wearing their light up necklaces that had been left in all the rooms earlier in the day and they were also selling the same light up stuff that they sell in the theme parks before all the nighttime parades.


    Freezing the Night Away is hosted by Kirsten and Johann who are Arendelle’s Royal Party Planners. The party starts with them dancing to Frozen Heart before Kristof arrives and joins in with Freeze Frame and Papa Was a Rolling Stone. Princess Anna arrives and they dance to I Want Candy and Stronger.


    Sven appears on the Funnelvision for a game of “Sven Says” and the Reindeer-Pokey before the Trolls and then Olaf turn up for Fixer-Upper and Walking on Sunshine.


    The finale of Freezing the Night Away is the arrival of Queen Elsa who sings Let it Go and whilst she’s singing, she does indeed make it snow.



    I really enjoyed Freezing the Night Away so I’m glad we got there early to get a good spot to watch it. After the party, we spent a few minutes people watching which was proving to be great entertainment. There were a lot of people (adults and children) dressed up in Anna and Elsa costumes who were having to hold onto their wigs to stop them from flying off in the wind which was funny to watch.

    We were both hungry again at this point so we headed to Cove Cafe to see if there were any cupcakes which sadly there wasn’t.


    We decided to go to O’Gill’s Pub to see what late night snacks they had available which was sadly on that night, was only hot dogs – again everything seemed to be meat on this night. There was however a giant Olaf ice sculpture at the entrance to O’Gill’s which when illuminated green, looked more like Slimer from Ghostbusters than Olaf.


    We walked through Fathoms where “Club Frozen: The After Party” was just starting. However it was so busy and so loud that we just carried on walking as fast as we could to get out of there as quickly as possible. There was not anything else we wanted to do so we headed back to our stateroom where a blanket lobster was waiting for us. I was still feeling hungry so finished off the chocolate biscuits I had bought in Barcelona.


    Once again we had another time change so after changing the time on my phone, it didn’t take long to fall asleep. If only I could fall asleep that quickly at home!

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