1. Disney Magic Transatlantic Cruise: Day Two – At Sea

    After what I thought had been a good night’s sleep I woke up when the telephone in our room rang to let us know that our room service breakfast was on the way. The only problem was it felt like I had had no sleep and I was feeling absolutely terrible. As our stateroom was at the back of the ship, there seemed to be a lot of vibration due to whatever speed we were going and my head felt like it had been shaken around all night. Once our breakfast arrived, I managed some juice and tea but couldn’t seem to stomach the single plain croissant I had ordered.

    At this point part of me was absolutely terrified as I didn’t want to be feeling like this for the whole duration of an eleven night cruise. I had been absolutely fine the last time we cruised so why was I feeling like this now? In preparation for being at sea for so long, I had prepared a mini travel first aid kit and had bought a couple of packets of non drowsy motion sickness tablets. I took one tablet to see if it would make any difference.


    We decided to go for a walk to see if some fresh air would do the trick and help me feel better. We headed down to Deck 4 and walked a few laps. It was a beautiful morning and the fresh air felt amazing but I still wasn’t feeling right. Again the thought of “if I’m feeling like this now whilst we’re still in the Mediterranean what am I going to be like in the middle of the Atlantic” crossed my mind. Whilst on our walk, we bumped into Captain Hook several times.


    After our walk we headed to the D Lounge where Anyone Can Cook was about to start. We both love to cook and bake so we were both looking forward to this. Today Chef Kryztan was going to show us how to make Apple Strudel. I found it fascinating to watch and we were all given some to try as well as a small glass of Riesling wine – all the wines they give you are available from the wine package on board so they use this opportunity to advertise them. The strudel was delicious but I’m not a huge wine drinker so someone else made the most of having two glasses of wine.


    Throughout Anyone Can Cook my head had been pounding and I had felt like I wanted to be sick however I did feel slightly better after having that little bit of Apple Strudel to eat so we decided to head to Lumiere’s for some lunch. There was a quesadilla on the appetiser section of the menu that sounded nice so I had that as well as a small portion of chips and a ginger ale – ginger ale is amazing for when you’re not feeling too good.


    Afterwards I didn’t feel sick anymore just incredibly tired so headed back to our stateroom, changed into my pyjamas and went back to bed – I set my alarm for a few hours later and hoped for the best before falling asleep.

    Do not ask me how, why or what but when I woke up I felt like a different person. I had done a few exams the week before so I don’t know whether it had been the stress and now relief that they were over with or whether I was just overtired from a long few busy days but I didn’t care, I felt normal again and not dreading the next week at sea that I had been looking forward to for such a long time.

    We headed up to Deck 9 to grab some pizza which tasted amazing as I was now feeling stupidly hungry. I also headed to Cove Cafe and treated myself to a beautiful Soy Latte to get some caffeine into my system as well as getting another one of their amazing cupcakes. I wish I knew the exact recipe to the frosting they use as it is so beautiful.

    We headed back to the room to get washed and dressed ready for the evening. It was Formal Night and Twice Charmed was playing in the Walt Disney Theatre. The previous day at sailaway the Captain had announced that we would be passing Gibraltar at 7:00pm this evening. So once again, we had decided that we would rather be up on deck than see the show.

    We headed up to the front of Deck 10 with our cameras. There were quite a few people up on deck so we were not the only ones missing out on the show. With the strong wind on Deck 10 and being dressed for formal night, it felt cold so I went looking for a blanket. I couldn’t find one in any of the stowages on deck but did get a lecture from a condescending stuck up passenger who asked what I was looking for and when I responded “a blanket like the ones we had in Alaska” told me that “you’re not in Alaska now, it’s not that cold.” I did not respond and just walked off and went and got a hot drink instead.


    The first thing that I noticed when the Rock of Gibraltar came into view was this brown layer of haze that you could see across the horizon – it was really noticeable. Unfortunately it was getting quite misty ahead of us so we could not see both Africa and Europe in the same shot when looking straight ahead though you could see them both separately when looking from either side of the ship.

    However the funniest bit of our transit through the Strait of Gibraltar was listening to some of the other passengers around us. The comments and the lack of general knowledge left me shaking my head with what I was hearing. One father was pointing towards Africa and telling his children all about how that was Gibraltar (ignoring the giant Rock on the other side of the water) and then pointing back towards Spain and telling them all about Morocco and Egypt. FFS.


    After passing by Gibraltar we headed back inside to Preludes where both Minnie and Mickey were out in their formal night costumes. Due to being in Palo on our Alaska cruise, I had never seen them in these outfits before so knew that I couldn’t miss this. One thing I do find bizarre about the photo setup in Preludes is all the people just camped out on the chairs they use to cordon off the area sitting a few feet away from you and directly facing you and staring at you whilst you’re having your photo taken with the characters – it does feel quite uncomfortable.


    After having our photo taken with Minnie and Mickey, we headed to the lobby atrium where the Captain’s Reception was taking place. It was so busy as I’m guessing most people go crazy when they hear there’s free alcoholic drinks being given out. A lot of people seemed to have no awareness about others around them and were just blocking those who just wanted to get from one side of the area to the other and then giving you the death stare when you asked if you could squeeze past. It was so busy that not even the promise of a free drink could keep us in that area, I would rather buy one in one of the bars or at dinner.

    I still don’t and never will understand the fascination with those stupid backdrop photos and “lifestyle portraits” that everyone was queuing up for – they were everywhere taking up space and seemed partly responsible for the amount of people in the area. Why have your photo taken in front of them as you could be anywhere. Surely if you’ve spent that money on a cruise, you should have your photo taken where people can see you’re on a ship.

    The other thing that was noticeably different from our Alaskan cruise on the Disney Wonder was how different people were dressed in the evenings. On our Alaskan cruise people put a lot more effort into what they were wearing whereas on this cruise, some people just did not even bother. It’s not like you’re being asked to dress up every night but when people can’t even put a little bit of effort in on formal night, it’s quite sad. One man was wearing a scruffy old dirty t-shirt that had holes in which looked horrible.

    We headed to Carioca’s – we had already had lunch there the day before but this was our first visit in the evening. I can’t say enough how much I prefer Carioca’s to Parrot Cay which it used to be (and still is on the Wonder.) It just seems so much more brighter – it’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. I also loved the lanterns on the ceiling all lit up in the evening. Tonight’s menu was Prince and Princess which neither of us had tried before.


    None of the speciality cocktails took my fancy so I ordered a Mojito which was absolutely incredible. Also for the first time ever, there were three starters that I liked (I sometimes struggle to find one) so I ordered all three. I had the Princess Tiana’s Sautéed Shrimp on Jambalaya Rice, Aurora’s Green and White Asparagus Spears and Snow White’s Wild Forest Mushroom Soup. For my main course I ordered Charming’s Portobello Triangoli which I could have happily eaten every day of the cruise as it was so nice and I was so happy to see my favourite dessert of Tiramisu on the menu. I was so relieved I was felling better than what I had been at the beginning of the day as I would never have been able to enjoy that dinner as much as I did.

    After dinner we checked the Personal Navigator and saw that both Minnie and Mickey as well as Daisy and Donald were out so stopped by Preludes to see them.


    After a little walk on deck, we headed back to our stateroom with a cup of tea where our newest towel animal which was a dinosaur was waiting for us along with chocolates and our Personal Navigator for the next day. There was also a reminder about the time change that night – the first of many during the cruise.


    It was at that point that I noticed that Enchanted had just started on Funnelvision so what else could I do apart from put my hoody on over my pyjamas and go up to Deck 9 and watch it. A pile of blankets were up there as well so I grabbed one and sat and enjoyed one of my favourite films underneath the stars. After a day that had started pretty miserably, it sure had turned out good.

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