1. Disney Magic Transatlantic Cruise: Day Seven – At Sea

    Every day on this cruise, I was waking up earlier and earlier – a side effect of having twenty five hour days. I’m not complaining though as I do not want to begin to imagine how much more difficult the Eastbound Transatlantic cruises are when you lose an hour each day. There was no chance of me falling back asleep so after looking out of the window and seeing the start of a beautiful sunrise, I pulled my hoody on over my pyjamas, grabbed my camera and headed up to Deck 10.

    I clearly was not the only person who was waking up early each day as when I got to Deck 10, there were many other people already there sitting and waiting for the sunrise with a coffee in hand. I moved down to Deck 9 where there were a few more tables free and a few minutes later was joined by my boyfriend with his camera who had heard me leave the room and had guessed where I’d be. The sunrise was absolutely spectacular and I was so happy that I’d been awake to be able to see it.


    After watching the sunrise, we headed back to the room and got dressed properly as we had decided to go to Cabanas for breakfast. We had avoided it for breakfast so far as it had been so busy on our Alaskan cruise that we normally preferred the sit down breakfast elsewhere. I’m so happy to say that Cabanas on the Disney Magic is so much better than the Beach Blanket Buffet was on the Disney Wonder. It was laid out better and there was a lot more seating so it never felt crowded. I might be imagining it too but there also seemed to be a lot more food choices than last time.

    After having a shower back in the room, we made our way to the Port Adventures desk to book tickets for the backstage tour of the Walt Disney Theatre later in the cruise – this had been advertised in the Personal Navigator that had been left in our room the night before. There was no line so it took less than a minute to get the tickets.

    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Goofy out on Deck 4 so I ran to get some pictures of him. As soon as we walked back inside, we saw Princess Daisy so stopped to get a photo with her.


    It was time once again for Anyone Can cook and today Chef Alphonoso from Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom was going to be cooking Pan Seared Pork. As I don’t eat meat, I ate the Sweet Potato Puree from the edge of the plate which was delicious. The wine we were given to drink was a Sangiovese which I did not really enjoy as I’m not a fan of red wine.


    At 11:30am, we joined the short line that had already formed for the next character group photo at midday. The characters were going to be out in their formal wear and we wanted to get the photo as quickly as possible. Many people had got dressed up especially in their own formal wear just for this one photo. The line was a lot busier than the last group photo and the same rules of no autographs and only one photo per group applied. A lot of people were arriving in the lobby and looking incredulous at the length of the line.

    Whilst we were waiting, we were listening to a very strange woman and her family behind us who were moaning very loudly about every single little thing – it seemed that nothing so far during the cruise had been good enough. The man was even telling the people behind them in line about how they try and get the cast members to admit there’s more than one Mickey Mouse etc – it was very bizarre to listen to.

    The line moved quickly once Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale arrived and less than five minutes later, we had our photo.


    The reason we wanted to get the character group photo done as quick as possible was because at 12:15pm, the Captain vs Cruise Director Wii Bowling Challenge was taking place which sounded like it would be fun to watch. We stopped for a cold drink on the way and grabbed a spot on Deck 10 to watch. I had to laugh when they were trying to get the Wii remote to calibrate as surely on a moving ship, that can’t be easy!

    The teams were Captain John and Assistant Cruise Director Carly vs Cruise Director Natalie and Hotel Director Alberto. After taking their turns to “bowl” and a few strikes and spares scored, the winners were Captain John and Assistant Cruise Director Carly.


    The winning team was victorious and decided that Cruise Director Natalie would have to go down the Aquadunk. It was pure luck that we were standing next to the Aquadunk so had a good view of her coming down the slide. We bumped into Natalie later that night where we were talking about the Aquadunk and she said she had never done it before as she was terrified of heights. I did wonder though if Captain John would have done the forfeit if he would have lost.




    We were both hungry again so went back to Cabanas for lunch – it was still quiet but it did get a lot busier before we left. Back in our stateroom and we had been left some Rice Krispie treats despite not taking part in Anna’s Chocolate Chase.


    We decided to head up to the pool for the rest of the afternoon. There were no sun loungers as usual by the Cove Pool (but plenty of saved ones) so we made our way to the Goofy pool. It was so noisy though that as soon as I saw two chairs near the Cove Cafe become free, we quickly moved there – as an added bonus, we also had some of the cupcakes from Cove Cafe too. It was lovely and peaceful and quiet with a beautiful view over the water until some people near us decided to drag all their chairs close together and have a loud debate about something – I could even hear them through my earphones when I was watching my iPad.

    As more people started to go inside, we were able to move to some sun loungers by the pool. It was then that we saw the only external sign of life outside the ship during our six days at sea when we could see a plane flying overheard. I thought that maybe we might see some other ships in the shipping lanes whilst out in the Atlantic but nothing.


    It had started to get a little windy again and we were getting cold so decided to go back inside. There was no one waiting for the Aquadunk as we were walking past so I decided to go on it again. It was definitely less scary than the first time as you knew what to expect. One bonus this time was that the water pouring over you before you drop was so warm which was very welcome in the cool breeze. We both went on the Twist and Spout too as there was no line which after riding the Aquadunk felt very slow.

    The show that night was Walt Disney: The Dream Goes On which after our few nights of not seeing anything, we completely forgot about. Oops, never mind but we did get to see another stunning sunset.


    It was Semi-Formal night so before dinner we went to meet Goofy who was out for photos on Deck 4 as we had not seen him on Formal Night. The line for Mickey however was very long so we decided not to wait. On our way to Animator’s Palate, we bumped into Goofy again!


    The menu for dinner tonight was World of Flavor which reminded me very much of the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. I once again ordered a Mojito de Casa to drink but sadly the bread dip had liver in it again for the second night in a row. To eat I had the USA Maine Lobster Roll to start followed by the Canadian Cheddar Cheese soup without the Bacon Bits. For my main course I had the England Prawn Curry and the USA Baked New York Cheesecake to finish.

    There was no show in Animator’s Palate tonight, however the screens showed pictures of landscapes from different Disney movies.


    After dinner we went to meet Minnie and Pluto to get some better photos with them than what we had got on Formal Night – not having the Walt Disney Theatre in the background was much better. The lines at this time were once again close to non-existent with only a few people waiting.

    It was still early however we were both tired. We had no interest on any night during the cruise to see anything in Fathoms as the phrase “Adult Variety Act” is enough to make me never want to watch it.


    We had another addition to the Towel Zoo back in our stateroom which I had to put on the sofa as I’d run out of room on top of the drawers.


    I had a quick read of the Personal Navigator for the following day – thankfully there was not too much to do as we both wanted a day of nothing before our dinner in Palo.

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