1. Disney Magic Transatlantic Cruise: Day Eight – At Sea

    Once again I was awake at 6:30am so instead of trying to go back to sleep, I decided to go for a walk around Deck 10. What I was not expecting to see at this time was people already saving sun loungers around the Cove Pool. I knew that we kept on seeing the same people frying themselves redder and redder every day but this was ridiculous. I’m not a fan of sunbathing at all but no wonder no one else had a chance of getting a sun lounger during the cruise!


    I headed back to the room with some tea for both of us and spent the next hour or two chilling and sorting out some photos on my iPad. This was setting the pace for the rest of the day as we did not intend on doing much at all and I was so looking forward to that.


    After breakfast in Cabanas and doing some much needed laundry once again, we made our way to D Lounge for Anyone Can Cook. As Chef Greg would be cooking Orange Almond Cake and desserts seemed to be very popular, we got there a little bit earlier to make sure we got a seat – it did get very busy. The Orange Almond Cake is one of the desserts from Palo and not something I would ever usually order as I always want the tiramisu. However it was honestly one of the nicest cakes I’ve ever eaten and I wanted more of it as it was that good.


    After Anyone Can Cook, we headed out to the Atrium to watch Chip-It Golf before the Character Dance Party started. Even Captain John was taking part.


    The Character Dance Party started at 12:15pm and thankfully, it was not too busy. However the Cruise Host was once again shouting endlessly into the microphone and it was enough to give you a headache – just the sound of the music would have been fine. The Cruise Host from our Alaska cruise did not shout half as much which I preferred.

    The characters that appeared were Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Max and Chip and Dale. Between them they danced to Party Rock Anthem, Dynamite, This Time for Africa, Danza Kuduro, Blame it on the Boogie, Best Song Ever, When Will I See You Again and All Of Me – the exact same songs as during the Fun in the Sun party a few days beforehand.


    Once the dance party was over, we grabbed some snacks from Daisy’s De-Lites as well as from Cabanas and enjoyed lunch on our balcony. The peace and quiet as well as the view was amazing. Throughout our whole cruise, I never once got bored of the view outside even though it was just sea for miles around.


    Due to our early start, we decided to have a nap as we were really looking forward to dinner at Palo and did not want to feel tired whilst we were there. We only slept for an hour or two but both felt so much better for it.

    To be able to have a relaxed afternoon and evening of nothing felt brilliant. There were no characters we wanted to go and see as we already had the photos – we had asked on the previous day and they were not wearing any special costumes on this night. We also both had zero interest in going to see Magic Dave in the Walt Disney Theatre that night – we did not want to see him two years previously in Alaska and still had absolutely no desire to go.

    As we had some time to kill before our 8:00pm reservation in Palo, we took a stroll around Deck 10. It was a beautiful albeit windy evening and the skies were beautiful.


    Once again the amazing Mo was looking after us in Palo. I had been planning on ordering a Balsamic Grande cocktail that I had loved last time (and tried to recreate at home without much success) however after the wine tasting at Anyone Can Cook the day before, we ordered a bottle of the beautiful Rosa Regale to share.


    We were bought a basket of their delicious freshly baked bread before Mo brought the antipasti trolley over and made up a giant plate for us to share. Even though I do not eat it, I didn’t mind the meat being on the same plate and he put some extra artichokes and olives on there for me.

    My favourite appetiser from our last cruise and one of the nicest things I’ve ever eaten was the Grilled Portobello Mushroom and Polenta in a Shallot Sauce. It is no longer on the normal menu but it is on the tasting menu – I asked if it was possible to order it and thankfully it was. I was so happy to be able to eat it again and it was just as nice as what I remember.


    After a lemon sorbet palate cleanser, our main courses arrived. I could not choose between two dishes so in the end I had the Gnocchi di Patate con Gorgonzola e Asparagi and a small side dish of the Wild Mushroom Risotto. Both dishes were absolutely beautiful.

    I really struggled to choose dessert for the first time ever in Palo. I always order Tiramisu without fail but the memory of the amazing Orange Almond Cake was at the front of my mind. My boyfriend had already ordered the Chocolate Souffle so after much deliberation, we decided to get the Orange Almond Cake to share and then I could also order the Tiramisu.

    What happened next shocked me – I actually preferred the Orange Almond Cake to the Tiramisu. I could never have predicted that. I do have the recipe for the cake here at home from Chef Greg and I hope that I can try and make it myself – it truly was a stunning dessert and I never would have ordered it if we had not have gone to Anyone Can Cook that day.

    We finished our amazing meal with a complimentary shot of Frozen Limoncello, Vodka and Prosecco before paying our bill. Once again we felt that paying $30 each for such an experience was completely worth it – the food is spectacular and the staff in Palo are simply wonderful.


    To say that we felt stuffed after our meal at Palo would be an understatement. We stopped by Deck 9 to get some peppermint tea before heading back to our room so I could change from my heels into my flip flops. We then went down to Deck 4 to walk a few laps to try and help digest all of that wonderful food we had enjoyed. We noticed that the atrium seemed really busy for so late in the evening as we were walking past outside – it seemed that a lot of people wanted to get a photo with Jiminy Cricket as the line to meet him was very long.


    We got another peppermint tea to take back to the room where a cute towel elephant was waiting for us. He immediately became another member of our Towel Zoo which was growing daily. I was really looking forward to our next day at sea – we had so much to look forward to and for what seemed like the first time in ages, we did not have a time change overnight!


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