1. Disney Wonder to Alaska: Day Seven – At Sea

    After another good night’s sleep we woke up to what would be our last full day onboard the Disney Wonder. We were due to be at sea all day before arriving back into Vancouver the following morning. After getting dressed we headed to a very empty Triton’s for breakfast. It seemed a shame that more people were not having breakfast in here as the food was so much nicer than what was offered at Beach Blanket Buffet.


    After breakfast we headed to Guest Services before it got busy to pay off our onboard account with cash – we figured it might get busy as the day went on. There was only one other person there at the time so we didn’t have to wait at all. On the way back to our room we ran into Sailor Donald Duck in the corridor.


    Yerilee had already made up our room when we got back. On the bed he had left all the signs that it was indeed the last day of the cruise. We had Canadian custom forms, our gratuity envelopes and slips, luggage tags as well as instructions for the next day for our arrival in Vancouver.

    Before the cruise we had already decided that we were going to do Express Walk-Off and carry our own luggage off the ship when disembarking. Neither of us wanted to have our bags packed by a certain time on the last day when we still had a night left onboard the ship and we had zero interest in spending our last day on the ship packing. I think this is why most of the ship looked empty throughout this day – everyone was stuck in their staterooms packing their bags. What a waste of your precious time onboard.


    We then went to Treasure Ketch and Mickey’s Mates to do some last-minute shopping. There was a couple of items that I’d been looking at throughout the cruise and thought I’d only regret it if I didn’t buy them. The shops were still quiet at this time although they got a lot busier during the day.

    After dropping the shopping off back in the room, we headed back to a near empty lobby atrium to get some photos of the area with no one in them.


    If you look closely at the details in the atrium, there are Disney elements everywhere you look.


    There was not a single person to be seen in the Route 66 area either. We spent some time planning our next holiday using the road map on the carpet as it had many places on it that we would be visiting!


    Whilst looking out of the large portholes in Route 66, we saw a ferry approaching. We quickly ran up to Deck 4 and headed outside where we heard the “When You Wish Upon a Star” horn as the two ships sailed past each other. We heard the horn so many times during the week proving wrong that you don’t hear it at all on Alaskan cruises.


    Even though it hadn’t been long since breakfast, we grabbed a panini and some fruit each from Goofy’s Galley. Whilst we were eating, blue skies started to appear so we headed up to Deck 10 to walk around whilst enjoying the gorgeous scenery we were sailing past.


    The next hour was one of my favourites of the whole cruise. The scenery of British Columbia was just incredible – that’s the reason why you go on a cruise! I wished our cruise could have actually been longer and had more sea days. I loved the relaxed pace of this day and will definitely look for an itinerary with lots of sea days next time I sail somewhere.


    I did not and still cannot understand why there were not more people up on deck during this day as the weather was gorgeous – there was only a handful of people in the swimming pools too. They can’t have all been watching the “Magic Dave” show! There was some good films showing on the Funnel Vision that day though annoyingly all of my favourite Disney films were showing that evening when Disney Dreams was on and when we would be having dinner so I would not be able to watch them – I did manage to catch the end of Cinderella though when we were walking around Deck 10.


    The Character Dance Party was due to take place in the lobby atrium at 3pm that afternoon. We got there about twenty minutes before it was due to start to find no one waiting! We found a place on Deck 4 so we could look down meaning no one could block our view. More people started to arrive but there was still not what I would call a crowd there when the party started – I was really expecting lots more people to be there.

    The cruise staff warmed up the crowd who wanted to dance before Pluto, Stitch and Daisy arrived and started dancing the Vengaboys (it had been a few years since I’d heard that one), Party in the USA and What Makes You Beautiful.


    Shortly afterwards Goofy, Donald, Mickey and Minnie arrived and danced to This Time for Africa, Danza Kuduro, I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Dynamite.


    Once the Character Dance Party had finished we headed outside to Deck 4 to just sit and and watch the world go by.


    We grabbed a drink to take back to our stateroom with us. We spent some more time on our verandah before getting ready for dinner. I had always said that if I ever took a cruise, I would want a verandah and it really was the best room for us. Just being able to open the door and get fresh air was wonderful. The thought of being stuck in an inside cabin with no natural light is my idea of hell and something I could never do. One thing is certain though that when I take my next cruise, I will have a verandah – it really is money well spent.


    We headed to the Walt Disney Theatre to watch Disney Dreams. We arrived about ten minutes before it started and managed to get seats about half way back. I’d been really looking forward to this show for the whole cruise and I really enjoyed it.

    Once the show finished, we headed to the lobby atrium as I wanted to see the characters who were out in their nautical costumes. We never saw them on the first night of the cruise as we had seen the long lines and assumed that it would take ages. Oh how little we knew then. Sailor Goofy was already out greeting when we got there and there was no line at all to meet him – he was stood by himself waiting! There are no Shutters photographers out on the last night so that could have been one of the reasons for the non-existant lines – all the better for those of us that only wanted photos taken with our own camera.

    Shortly after Captain Mickey appeared to greet everyone. The one thing that I was sad about was that First Mate Minnie did not appear for photos at all that day (apart from the ‘Til We Meet Again show) so I never managed to get a photo with her – oh well, it’s an excuse to book another cruise!


    Our final dinner was in Animator’s Palate. There were many empty tables so we guessed that people were either having an early night or were still trying to get their luggage packed! Tonight we had the ‘Til We Meet Again menu. We finished the last bottle of wine from the onboard wine package and both ordered an Eclipse cocktail which was very similar to a margarita which was delicious.

    I ordered the Grilled Potato and Goat Cheese Napoleon followed by the Lobster and Crawfish Bisque. I followed this with the Wild Mushroom and Onion Strudel. For my dessert I had the Celebration Cake. The food onboard all week had been outstanding – I don’t have a bad word to say about it. I have no idea how people can criticise the food at all.


    At the end of the meal the Chefs from the restaurant finally get their chance to shine as they appear in the restaurant displaying a flaming Baked Alaska. It’s then the turn of the serving team as they parade around the restaurant carrying the flags of all the nationalities of the crew onboard to the sounds of It’s a Small World.

    We thanked Sunil, Tino and Geffrey as we gave each of them their gratuity envelopes. They were absolutely amazing for the whole week – we really hit the jackpot with the three of them and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. As we wouldn’t be seeing them the next morning, we said our goodbyes.

    After leaving Animator’s Palate, we headed to the lobby atrium and grabbed the same spot that we had stood in earlier that day ready to watch ‘Til We Meet Again. Again there were not too many around to watch it which surprised me as it’s the last time you see the characters on the cruise.


    At 10pm our Assistant Cruise Director Trent started to introduce the characters as they made their way down the stairs. You then have about fifteen minutes to grab any last minute photos with them. I could have got my First Mate Minnie picture at this time but she had many people crowding around her so I decided to not bother.


    Donald Duck got a loud cheer when it was announced that it was his birthday. Stitch hid in the crowd to avoid saying goodbye whilst Minnie and Mickey snuck in a little kiss before saying farewell to everyone.


    Watching all the characters disappear, you now knew that the cruise was nearly over and it was a horrible and sad feeling. Before going on the cruise, I knew that I would enjoy it but I wasn’t expecting to have loved the experience as much as I did. I really felt like I needed one more day onboard so I hated knowing that we would be back in Vancouver in about nine hours!

    We still had to pack so after getting a cup of tea from the Drink Station on Deck 9, we headed back to our stateroom. Our final towel animal was waiting for us on the bed along with a Disney Cruise Line questionnaire asking us about our time onboard.


    Thankfully due to weekly practice for the last decade, I can pack a suitcase in no time at all so I managed to get that job done quickly. For any future cruises, I would still pack last thing on the final night as it gives you so much more freedom with your time on the last day and you do not need to worry about what you need to keep with you for your last morning.

    I also filled in my Canadian Customs form – it might be childish but being able to write “Disney Wonder” instead of a flight number still makes me smile to this day.


    It was gone midnight by the time we got to bed which I wasn’t worried about as I knew I wouldn’t sleep much that night. I set my alarm for 5:30am as I really wanted to watch us arrive back into Vancouver…


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    3 thoughts on “Disney Wonder to Alaska: Day Seven – At Sea

    1. Thomas

      Thanks so much for your detailed story on Disney Cruise to Alaska ?. We’ll be going on our own same trip on 28 May. I read all 8 of them and help us to make decision on where to go and what to take. Really enjoy your coverage. Well done ??.

      May I know what month did you go? So I can get an idea on the weather by the time we go there.

      Thank you once again. Appreciate it.

      1. Nikki Post author

        Hi Thomas. Thank you so much for your kind words. We sailed the first week of June on the second cruise of the Disney Alaska season so hopefully you should have similar weather to us. Have an amazing time πŸ™‚

        1. Thomas

          Got it Nikki. Yup it’s second cruise in the season too. Thanks for the reply & the wishes. *Excited ?


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