1. Disney Wonder to Alaska: Day Eight – Vancouver

    As is normal when I know I have to wake up early in the morning, I barely slept on our last night of the cruise. I had set my alarm clock for 5.30am as I wanted to be outside on deck as we sailed into Vancouver. After getting dressed I checked the map on the television to see where the ship currently was and then headed up to Deck 10 with my cameras where you could already see Vancouver in the distance. (more…)

  2. Disney Wonder to Alaska: Day Seven – At Sea

    After another good night’s sleep we woke up to what would be our last full day onboard the Disney Wonder. We were due to be at sea all day before arriving back into Vancouver the following morning. After getting dressed we headed to a very empty Triton’s for breakfast. (more…)

  3. Disney Wonder to Alaska: Day Six – Ketchikan

    Today was the first day of the week that we were able to have a proper lay-in and a lazy morning as we were not due to dock into Ketchikan until 12:15pm. As we’d been woken up in the middle of the night by the loud obnoxious woman in the corridor, we were incredibly grateful for the later start and took full advantage of it. (more…)

  4. How to Get to the Mendenhall Glacier – Juneau, Alaska

    If visiting Juneau in Alaska then a trip to Mendenhall Glacier will more than likely be on your list of places to visit whilst there. There is usually the option of an organised tour which will always work out more expensive than touring independently. (more…)

  5. Disney Wonder to Alaska: Day Four – Skagway

    Today was the only day that we set our alarm clocks to wake up nice and early. The Disney Wonder was due to dock in Skagway at 7am and we wanted to be off the ship as early as possible to start our day of sightseeing. We had nearly finished getting ready for the day as we started to arrive in Skagway around 7am. (more…)

  6. Renting a Car in Skagway, Alaska

    After booking our Disney Wonder cruise to Alaska, we immediately started looking into what we could do in each port. Skagway seemed to be the port with the most to see, however when looking up excursions I was horrified by the hideously expensive (and quite frankly rip-off) prices that were being charged. The fact that some excursions cost several hundred dollars a person was disgusting – there had to be a better way…and there was! (more…)

  7. Disney Wonder to Alaska: Day Three – Tracy Arm Fjord

    It had taken a while to get to sleep the night before due to the rocking of the ship so for the first time in a few days I ended up not waking up at the crack of dawn which was very welcome. After a quick run to the drinks station on Deck 9 for tea to drink back in the room, we put the map on the TV to see where we were. Shortly after there was an announcement made to say that the pilot needed for Tracy Arm Fjord would shortly be boarding the Wonder. (more…)

  8. Disney Wonder to Alaska: Day Two – At Sea

    On the Tuesday morning, I woke up very early again. Even though I had only had about five hours of sleep that night, I didn’t feel too bad at all. I was happy that the previous day had gone so smoothly and was looking forward to our first full day at sea on the Disney Wonder. Given the amazing views that we had seen the previous evening, I immediately went out onto the verandah to look at the passing scenery. (more…)

  9. Disney Wonder to Alaska: Day One – Vancouver

    We had started our trip on the Friday afternoon when we left London and headed to Los Angeles. Our flight was great and sitting in Upper Class definitely made the journey a lot more comfortable. The only downside was we landed just after the Air China flight which meant despite being first off the aircraft, we queued at immigration for nearly an hour and a half. (more…)