1. Staying at the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta in a Porto Paradiso Harbor View Room

    It had been a dream of mine to stay at the beautiful Hotel MiraCosta at Tokyo DisneySea since the very first time I visited the park back in 2008. Who would not want to stay at a hotel that is located entirely inside the best Disney park in the world? When we visited Japan last month and spent four days at Tokyo Disney Resort, we decided to book a Harbor View room at the Hotel MiraCosta for two nights of our stay. Yes it was expensive and more than I’ve ever paid for a hotel room in my life, but if you cannot treat yourself for your birthday, when can you?

    The Hotel MiraCosta has three sides where the hotel rooms are located: Tuscany (overlooking the hotel entrance and the Aquasphere), Venice (overlooking the Venetian canals inside the park) and Porto Paradiso (overlooking Mediterranean Harbor and facing Mount Prometheus). Not surprisingly you can guess which side is the most popular.

    Rooms at the Hotel MiraCosta can be booked online on the Tokyo Disney Resort website five months in advance or six months in advance for vacation packages – however you cannot book Porto Paradiso Harbor View or Piazza Grand View rooms as part of a package. The only Porto Paradiso room type that can be booked as a package is a Piazza View room.

    Now all you need to know is that to book a Porto Paradiso Harbor View room at the Hotel MiraCosta is not the easiest process. It involves sitting online ready wherever you are in the world at 11:00am Japan time (which was 3:00am for us in the UK) ready to book. These rooms are so popular that they get booked in minutes. You will see the website crashing before your eyes, your credit card might get rejected (as mine was first time) but if you’re lucky and keep trying (there was two of us each with a laptop trying to book) then the next thing you’ll see is a confirmed hotel booking with your name on it. The only downside is if you want to stay more than one night, then you have to repeat the process the following night as you can only book these rooms one night at a time – thankfully we managed to secure a second night the following night. You have to pay a ¥30,000 (£203/US$264) deposit for each booking (and as we were staying for two nights under two separate bookings, we had to pay this twice) but this is refundable up until fourteen days before your stay if you decide to cancel.

    Benefits for staying at the Hotel MiraCosta include length of stay monorail tickets, early entry to the parks called Happy 15 (not available on day of check-in), online restaurant reservations for the whole of Tokyo Disney Resort in English as well as the ability to purchase tickets that allow park hopping from day one and guaranteed park admission even on busy days.

    The day we arrived at Tokyo Disney Resort, we had already stayed for one night in the centre of Tokyo itself so we simply took the JR Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station to Maihama Station. Once there we transferred to the Disney Resort Line monorail from Resort Gateway Station three stops to Tokyo DisneySea Station. The train journey cost ¥220 each and the monorail journey cost ¥260 each which we paid using our Suica cards. Once at Tokyo DisneySea Station, there are signs for the walkway to the Hotel MiraCosta which is clearly signposted from the platform.

    Check in time at the Hotel MiraCosta was at 3:00pm and once we arrived at the hotel and our suitcases were taken, we did not have to wait to be checked in despite the lobby being quite busy at this time. They confirmed that we were staying for two nights and handed us our personalised room keys (which you get to keep as a souvenir) along with our monorail passes and Happy 15 vouchers.

    After being checked in, we waited for a few minutes for someone to take us up to our room along with our bags. At this time, I could not help but explore the beautiful lobby as well as have a quick look around the small MickeyAngelo gift shop where I spotted a Hotel MiraCosta pin as well as several other items that I had to buy.

    Our room was located on the third floor and I remember a feeling of trepidation wondering if this hotel room that I had been looking forward to staying in for such a long time would be worth the wait as well as being worth the money that we spent. Walking into the room felt surreal as the room was huge and the decor was simply beautiful with so much detail everywhere you looked. However I immediately went and looked out of the window, hoping to see the view I had always dreamed of. Thankfully the view was everything I wanted it to be and more and I will admit, I burst into tears as I was so happy – it was perfect.

    Our room was able to sleep four people however as it was only the two of us, the extra beds had not been made up. Both of the beds are very small doubles so it meant we each had our own bed as it would be a struggle for two adults to sleep in one of them. Regular rooms with one large double bed and a full harbor view do not exist but that is a small price to pay for being able to have that view. The only rooms on the Porto Paradiso side of the hotel that have one large double bed have a Piazza View.

    Unsurprisingly in Japan, the bed was on the hard side compared to what I’m used to at home but after two long days, I definitely slept well in mine! I also loved the Mermaid Minnie Mouse bed runner as well as the artwork hanging on the wall next to my bed. On the bedside table there was a telephone, a lamp, a clock as well as two power sockets.

    The bathrooms at the Hotel MiraCosta are split into three separate areas: one wet room with a bath and a shower, one room with an amazing Japanese toilet and one central area with a mirror and a sink.

    Amenities including shampoo, conditioner and toothbrushes are provided for you to use and you can take these home with you – they and also the tin and the cup get replenished every day so make sure to put them away in your bag each day of your stay if you would like more. There is also a hairdryer in one of the drawers which worked so well that I never needed to use my travel hairdryer at all during our stay.

    Inside the wardrobe you will find extra pillows and blankets as well as slippers and a souvenir bag – again both of these you can keep and they will replenish every day. In the drawer of the television stand, you will find pyjamas that you can use during your stay however you cannot keep these.

    There is a kettle in the room which proved invaluable during our stay to be able to make a decent cup of tea in the morning to help wake us up as well as during the day when we took a break from the park. The cups in the room were on the small side so we ended up buying a big Tokyo Disney mug each in the park to use – it seemed like a perfectly reasonable excuse to do some more shopping.

    There is also a fridge where you can store food and drinks in the room. There are cans of soft drinks as well as beers and spirits which are chargeable however the bottles of water are complimentary and are also replenished each day.

    We did not watch anything on the television during our stay but did look up information regarding show rehearsal times in Mediterranean Harbor as well as other useful information including the password for the free wifi. Inside the folder on the desk by the window is more hotel information as well as stationery including postcards, letter writing paper and envelopes that you can also take home with you.

    The third bed in the room is a trundle bed which pulls out from underneath one of the main beds and if needed the sofa coverts to a fourth bed – this was called a “cruise bed” on our booking.

    The last thing to talk about is the view. As already mentioned, it was perfect. No, it was more than perfect and I felt so priviledged to be able to have that view from my room. When I was in the room day or night and not sleeping, I just sat by the window looking out across Mediterranean Harbor and Tokyo DisneySea. Waking up on both mornings we were at the Hotel MiraCosta and opening the curtains to that view is a memory that will stay with me forever – the Cast Members would even wave up to the windows if they saw you as they were walking past.

    The window does open but only slightly and I loved listening to the music from the park when we were in our room. I still have the Mediterranean Harbor music in my head a few weeks later! During our stay the the Hotel MiraCosta, they were rehearsing the shows every morning before park opening ready for the upcoming “Disney Christmas” event. It was fascinating to both watch and listen to.

    On the afternoon that we arrived at the hotel, we were lucky enough to be able to watch The Villain’s World from our room – the view was simply the best. As we’d had such a good view from our room for the show, it meant that we did not watch it again when inside the park and used the time to go on more of the attractions instead.

    Later that same day, we were also able to watch the brilliant Fantasmic with an perfect uninterrupted view from the comfort of our room whilst sitting in our pyjamas and drinking a cup of tea – what an amazing feeling especially as we were both still incredibly jetlagged from our flight from London.

    One of the most valuable benefits to staying at one of the four Disney Hotels is the Happy 15 early park entry. Whilst fifteen minutes does not sound like a lot of time, it truly is. In Tokyo DisneySea we used this time to quickly get a Fastpass for Tower of Terror, take some photos of the park with hardly anyone in sight before then being some of the first people on Journey to the Centre of the Earth that morning.

    For guests at the Hotel MiraCosta, you enter Tokyo DisneySea for Happy 15 from the turnstiles at Park Entrance North. To get there, you simply walk out of the main hotel entrance and turn right and you will see a staircase down leading to the turnstiles – there are also Cast Members everywhere holding signs directing you where to go. All you need to have with you is your park ticket as well as the Happy 15 voucher that you received during check in which is collected from you at this time.

    The entrance directly into Tokyo DisneySea from inside the Hotel MiraCosta only opens at the official park opening time – it is not available for Happy 15. To get there, all you have to do is to take the elevators down to the first floor and you cannot miss it. From this entrance, you walk directly into the piazza of Mediterranean Harbor.

    This separate entrance was one of my favourite things about staying at the Hotel MiraCosta. Being able to be back in your hotel room no matter what the reason less than two minutes after leaving the park without the crowds was so easy and felt incredible – and then you could be back inside the park just as quick! There is also a beautiful artwork map of Tokyo DisneySea at this entrance with lots of hidden details and Hidden Mickeys – one of the Cast Members was pointing them all out to me.

    To help anyone reading my blog who is interested in staying at the Hotel MiraCosta, I have circled our exact room on one of my photos that I took from inside the park.

    So after wanting to stay at the Hotel MiraCosta for so many years, I can honestly say I loved every minute of my stay at this beautiful hotel. Despite being so expensive, it truly lived up to all the expectations that I had. It is not my place to say whether it is overpriced or not (especially the Porto Paradiso Harbor View rooms) as that is only a decision that each person can make when choosing where to stay when visiting Tokyo Disney Resort. For us, the fact that we both love Disney and had always wanted to stay there as well as it being my birthday made the decision a very simple one – it was a special treat which we did not mind paying for.

    I cannot wait to stay there again one day!

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