1. Lost in Translation at the New York Bar – Park Hyatt, Tokyo

    I remember the very first time I watched Lost in Translation. It was on a flight to New York and I just remember falling completely head over heels in love with the movie. I had already visited Japan several times at that point and for some reason, everything in the film just made complete sense to me and I knew that I would have to visit the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo myself and have a drink (or two) in the New York Bar. (more…)

  2. Christmas Fantasy 2014 – Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

    Last week I happened to be in Japan for a couple of nights for work. I had one full day free on Friday so I decided to go to Tokyo Disneyland. Normally I would avoid the Japanese Disney parks on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday as they get incredibly busy but when I looked at the online calendar I saw that the Friday (the only day I could go) was going to be the first day for all the Christmas celebrations, I knew I had to go. (more…)

  3. A Trip Through Narita Town

    Narita is a city in Chiba Prefecture approximately 60 kilometres east of Tokyo. It is home to Narita International Airport which is usually the closest most people come to visiting Narita itself. However if you have a layover at the airport before, after or between flights then a trip into Narita itself is a great way to pass the time. (more…)

  4. How to Exchange Your Japan Rail Pass at Narita Airport

    When spending any time travelling in Japan, a Japan Rail Pass is a necessity. The savings that can be made are quite extraordinary if making several trips on the Shinkansen. A seven day pass just about pays for itself by doing a return trip from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka so any other trips you then make on the pass are a bonus. (more…)

  5. Iwatayama Monkey Park – Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

    When I visited Japan this year, I was trying to find some new, different and interesting places in the Kyoto area to visit having already done many of the more popular sights on a previous trip two years ago. I soon discovered Iwatayama Monkey Park or Arashiyama Monkey Park as it is sometimes called where a large group of over 100 Japanese Macaque monkeys (or snow monkeys) live. (more…)

  6. Maiko Makeover in Kyoto, Japan

    One of the best things I did when travelling in Japan was to get a Maiko makeover in Kyoto. I was quite apprehensive about how the photos would turn out but I was thrilled with the results. (more…)

  7. Japanese Kit Kat Awesomeness

    I first became aware of Kit Kats in Japan during a visit to Kyoto. I kept seeing boxes of the green tea version everywhere and then finally caved into buying some at Narita Airport when leaving the country. I then found out that there are many different Kit Kat flavours available all across Japan – some are only available for a limited time and each region has their own specialities. (more…)