1. A Trip Through Narita Town

    Narita is a city in Chiba Prefecture approximately 60 kilometres east of Tokyo. It is home to Narita International Airport which is usually the closest most people come to visiting Narita itself. However if you have a layover at the airport before, after or between flights then a trip into Narita itself is a great way to pass the time. All of the airport hotels run free shuttle buses to the train station or you could take either of the Keisei or JR local trains one or two stops depending on which terminal you depart from.


    This is where the hotel buses drop-off at Keisei-Narita Station. You will need to go up the stairs or escalator and through the station to get to the main street


    Outside Keisei Narita Station is the bus stop for the Aeon Shopping Mall. You will stop number six and the bus costs ¥200.


    JR Narita Station is across the road from Keisei Narita Station. You can take the train into Tokyo itself from both these stations. From Keisei Station you will arrive at Nippori and Ueno whilst from JR Narita you will arrive at Tokyo Station. The fares on the Keisei Line are also cheaper than on the JR Line. You can find train timetables and fares on the Hyperdia website.


    There are many bars and restaurants along Omotesando (the main street in Narita) and due to the proximity of the airport, the majority of them will have English menus.

    This is The Cage karaoke bar. You will need to turn left onto Omotesando outside of Keisei Narita Station and it is on the left. You can even find McDonalds in Narita – you will need to turn right onto Omotesando on exiting the station.


    Further along on the right of Omotesando is the Ramen Bayashi Noodle Shop. I can highly recommend this place – the food is simple yet so good!


    Further along the street are many more bars and restaurants.


    If you wish to visit Naritasan Shinshoji Temple then when the road splits into two, you will need to keep to the right – there are signs though which will point you in the right direction.


    The entrance to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple will be on the left.


    Another place to eat is Cafe Bon. You will need at take a left after Naritasan Temple and then a right and it is on the first floor at the top of the outdoor spiral staircase.


    If you wish to visit the Aeon Shopping Mall then you will need to take the pink Aeon bus from outside Keisei Narita Station which costs ¥200. The bus ride takes about 10 minutes. Alternatively the Circle Bus picks up at most of the big hotels and main areas of Narita and also costs ¥200. I have also walked to the mall from the temple which took me about 20 minutes.


    It is also Christmas all year round in Narita as opposite the International Garden Hotel is the Hotel Chapel Christmas – one of Japan’s many love hotels. To see the hotel and the decorations lit up at night is really something else!


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