1. The Yoda Fountain – San Francisco

    If you like Star Wars and are going to be in San Francisco, then you have to go and visit the Yoda Fountain located at the Lucasfilm offices in the Presidio area of the city. I am personally not a fan of Star Wars (I’ve only ever seen one movie which completely confused me) but I do love some random sightseeing so the last time I was in San Francisco, I set off from my hotel in search of Yoda.

    If you are already going to be visiting the Palace of Fine Arts then the Yoda Fountain is located only a short distance away – ten minutes walk at the most.

    If you enter the Presidio from the gate at the junction of Chestnut Street and Lyon Street, you will see a Starbucks ahead in the distance. If you take a left onto the the path just after Starbucks and walk to the end, you will find Yoda in a courtyard behind the building on the right hand side.


    The statue of Yoda is small but apparently life size according to the internet – I’ll take their word for it. Thankfully it was very quiet when I was there so I was able to take some photos without anyone in them.


    During Monday to Friday office hours you can also visit the Lucasfilm lobby behind the fountain where you can find more Star Wars memorabilia – I gave it a miss though as I would not even know what I was looking at.

    I’d probably say something like “Live Long and Prosper” too without realising it!

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