1. Mr Bean Coffee Shop – Shanghai, China

    Since Shanghai Disneyland opened in June, I have found myself travelling to Shanghai more than ever. Because of this, I started researching different things online to see and do as well as looking if there were any character cafes that I could visit.  One of the first I found was the Mr Bean Coffee Shop – yes you heard that correctly.

    There are two Mr Bean Coffee Shops in Shanghai however it looked like only one of them had his famous green Mini on display so even though it was located further away from my hotel where I was staying on People’s Square, that was the one I knew I had to visit. There is so little English information online that I was not sure if it still existed or not – it does not appear on Google maps at all.

    The Mr Bean Coffee Shop is located on level B1 of the Himalayas Centre on Fangdian Road in the Pudong area of the city.  To get there using the Shanghai Metro, you need to go to Huamu Road at the end of Line 7 – it’s only one stop away from Longyang Road. It is impossible to miss it as the coffee shop is located directly next to Exit 3 of the station.


    I’m not quite sure of the opening hours but when I arrived at 10:00am, the coffee shop was already open. The sight of the Mr Bean statue outside made me smile – even more so as he had his teddy bear with him and I remembered my Nan knitting me the exact one when I was younger.


    There was no one else in the coffee shop when I arrived so I was able to take plenty of photos. The decor was a strange mix of many different styles along with a few Union Jack flags dotted around.


    Thankfully the menu board was in English as well as Chinese as my Mandarin is not great. There was no English spoken so it was a case of having to point to items on the menu that you wanted to order. Despite there being something called a “Rowan Atkinson Special”, I asked for a Latte and a Tiramisu which came to 39 RMB. There was also a menu of hot food items as well if you wanted something more substantial to eat. I paid in cash but I did notice that there was a credit card machine if needed.


    I also could not stop laughing at the various “Merry Christmas” and Happy New Year 2015″ signs that were everywhere especially as I visited in August 2016 – there was even a Christmas tree!


    I had my pick of seats so I chose to sit under the Andy Warhol-style Mr Bean poster next to his green Mini. Not long after my Latte and Tiramisu arrived and I loved the Mr Bean mug that my coffee was in – they do sell the mugs if you want to buy one and looking back, I wish I had bought one as I do not think they were that expensive. There was also free wifi available – the gentleman who was working there that day put the password into my phone for me.


    The Mr Bean Coffee Shop was as bizarre and unique as they come which made me love it so much – the more random things are, the better as far as I’m concerned. I will definitely stop by for another coffee the next time I’m in Shanghai.

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