1. The States Game

    Earlier this week I visited the city of Atlanta for the first time – it was also my first visit to the State of Georgia. From this I started wondering how many US states I had actually visited – it turns out not as many as I thought!

    After looking at the map I have decided I need to see more of the USA. In January I made a New Year’s Resolution to visit two new countries this year which I accomplished after visiting Morocco and Thailand. So for 2015 I have already decided that I will visit at least three new States – I think I can successfully complete that task!

    I will update this blog post and map each time I visit a new State.

    December 2014 – Added Maryland
    June 2015 – Added Washington
    June 2015 – Added Idaho
    June 2015 – Added Montana
    June 2015 – Added Michigan
    June 2016 – Added Rhode Island
    June 2016 – Added Connecticut
    June 2016 – Added Vermont
    June 2016 – Added New Hampshire
    June 2016 – Added Maine
    September 2016 – Added North Carolina
    September 2016 – Added South Carolina
    June 2017 – Added West Virginia
    June 2017 – Added Tennessee
    June 2017 – Added Arkansas
    June 2017 – Added Missouri
    June 2017 – Added Kentucky
    June 2017 – Added Indiana
    June 2017 – Added Ohio
    June 2017 – Added Delaware
    November 2017 – Added Alabama
    November 2017 – Added Mississippi
    November 2017 – Added Louisiana
    November 2017 – Added Texas


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