1. The Do Not Disturb Monkey – Le Meridien Koh Samui, Thailand

    One of the best things about my recent stay at Le Meridien Resort and Spa in Koh Samui was the incredible Do Not Disturb “sign” that was provided in each hotel room. I had seen photos of the coconut monkey on Trip Advisor before arriving so was incredibly excited to see one sitting in our room when we arrived at the hotel. The Do Not Disturb Monkey was accompanied with the following message:

    “The intelligent, strong and friendly Pig-Tailed Macaque works side by side with coconut farmers.
    A good graduate is trained to pick up to 1000 coconuts per day.
    At Le Meridien Koh Samui, they are trained to communicate from guest rooms.
    The Pig-Tailed Macaque speaks “DO NOT DISTURB” wishes when placed outside your guest room door.”


    I loved the Monkey so much that we didn’t place him outside our room all week in case anything happened to him and he went missing. Fortunately you are able to purchase the Do Not Disturb Monkeys from the hotel to take home with you – it was the best 800 Baht I spent all week and the above monkey was able to travel back home to the UK with me!

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