1. Navigator’s Verandah Stateroom – Disney Wonder

    Whilst writing my recent travel diary about my time cruising on the Disney Wonder to Alaska, I did not include any information or photos of our stateroom. The reason was that I wanted to write a separate blog post about our cabin to include as much information as possible.

    For many years I had always said that if I ever went on a cruise then I would want a stateroom with a verandah. I love being able to have a view and having fresh air all the time. I’m the same in hotel rooms – I hate having rooms where you cannot open the windows as they feel so claustrophobic – give me a balcony any day!

    We booked a Category 7A “Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Navigator’s Verandah” stateroom and as we booked the cruise early, we had a choice of cabins – we decided on 7624 on Deck 7. There were two major advantages to this as we were close to the rarely used Aft Overlook and we were also close to the aft stairs and elevators so we only had a quick trip to the Drink Station on Deck 9 when needed.

    I recently sailed on the Disney Wonder again and stayed in 7624 once more so please check out my new blog post for updated photos from this stateroom.

    So here’s my photo tour of our stateroom starting with the corridor from the aft stairs and elevators.


    The emergency instructions on the back of the door included information such as how to put on a lifejacket as well as the location of your muster station. Our muster station was “S” which is located inside Animator’s Palate on Deck 4.


    A close up of the “Privacy Please” and “Service Room Please” signs. Everyday our stateroom was cleaned in the morning and turned down in the evening by our fantastic stateroom host Yerilee.


    The wardrobe contained our lifejackets and a safety desposit box – we were able to fit all of our valuables in there including passports, wallets, iPads and iPhones. I think that you would also be able to fit a laptop in there if needed. There was also plenty of hangers available.



    The set of drawers next to the wardrobe – there really was so much storage space available in the room that we had more than ample space for everything that we brought with us.


    The bathroom in our stateroom was split so there was one room with a toilet and a sink and then a second room with another sink and a bath and shower. There was a hairdryer provided however it was not very powerful so bringing your own is recommended as I did. There were toiletries provided by H2O+ (Sea Marine Revitalizing Shampoo, Sea Marine Collagen Conditioner, Sea Salt Hydrating Body Lotion and Sea Salt Bath Soap) which were replaced daily if needed.


    The bed was incredibly comfortable and we were able to store our suitcases underneath the bed for the duration of the cruise. At the moment on the Disney Wonder, you can also request for the bed to be split into two if needed.


    There were many subtle hints of Disney throughout the stateroom. My favourite was the red pillow on the bed which after turndown revealed the message “A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep…” They were also selling this pillow in the shop onboard – it cost $190!


    There were also Disney details on both of the lamps on each side of the bed – on the maps there are castles indicating the locations of all the Disney parks across the world. Unfortunately Hong Kong Disneyland is not included on them as the park opened after the Disney Wonder was built.


    There was a large trunk in the room at the end of the bed providing another three shelves worth of storage. The Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck didn’t come with the room – I bought them in Mickey’s Mates on our first day at sea!


    The sofa could be converted to a bed to allow a third person to sleep in the stateroom.


    The desk area provided more storage in the drawers as well as the cupboard above the television. There was also a beverage cooler where we kept some of the drinks that we brought onboard with us. We were able to get ice from both the Drink Station on Deck 9 and from Room Service.

    Two Wave Phones were provided to use whilst onboard – we never used them though.

    There were two power points next to the desk and another two available behind the television.



    More subtle Disney details in the lamps above the desk and on the curtains.


    Access to our verandah was via a heavy sliding door – there was also a child lock for added safety.


    Outside on the verandah there was a bench, a chair and a table – and the amazing view of wherever we happened to be sailing at the time.


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    2 thoughts on “Navigator’s Verandah Stateroom – Disney Wonder

    1. Stephanie Wetzel

      If you sat on the bench or the chair were you able to see out the open port hole? Or did you have to stand?

      1. Nikki Post author

        The bottom of the port hole was just about eye height for me when sitting down so I had no problem seeing out though I did stand most of the time.


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