1. Disney Wonder to Alaska: Day Two – At Sea

    On the Tuesday morning, I woke up very early again. Even though I had only had about five hours of sleep that night, I didn’t feel too bad at all. I was happy that the previous day had gone so smoothly and was looking forward to our first full day at sea on the Disney Wonder. Given the amazing views that we had seen the previous evening, I immediately went out onto the verandah to look at the passing scenery. It was still beautiful and the sun was just rising which meant some of the colours were incredible. Sailing ahead of us was the Norwegian Sun which we had been following since leaving Vancouver the day before.


    We ordered tea from room service which was delivered quickly and after taking many more photos from our verandah decided to try and get some more sleep. We were woken up suddenly some time later by a loud “Bright Star” announcement throughout the ship which I’ve since learnt is a medical emergency.

    We didn’t have any breakfast as we had a reservation for brunch at Palo at 10:30am. We took our time getting ready before heading up three flights of stairs from our stateroom to Deck 10 Aft where Palo is located. Brunch is only available on sea days (of which there were three on this itinerary) so it is very popular. I had booked our table on the Disney Cruise Line website the minute our booking window opened seventy five days before our cruise. In fact the only things we did book for this cruise were brunch and dinner at Palo.


    We were shown to a table by the window – unfortunately there was now mist and a lot of rain outside so not much to see! We were introduced to our server whose name I have since annoyingly forgotten. He bought us glasses of water with lemon before offering a complimentary champagne or mimosa – I chose a mimosa.


    After this, our server took us on a tour of the buffet and showed us all the food available to us – there was so much choice that even the fussiest eaters would have no trouble finding something to eat. As someone who doesn’t eat meat but will eat some seafood, I was spoilt for choice. There was seafood (including Alaskan Crab Legs), salads, various Antipasti, Cheese, Breads and Pastries.


    We were then shown the hot entrees that we could order. There were pizzas, pasta, soups, eggs, pancakes as well as some other fish and meat items.


    After having several plates of the cold items from the buffet, we ordered a few items including the Grape and Gorgonzola pizza and the Chilled Strawberry Soup. The soup was delicious and the pizza is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. The combination of the blue cheese with grapes and a port wine reduction on a thin and crispy base was perfect. I could have ordered another and finished it with no trouble but I had already thought about what dessert I was going to have.


    I’m not usually too much of a dessert person however there were several things that had caught my eye – I loved that they were all small portions too so you could try many of them without completely overindulging. I had the Chocolate Creme de Pot, the Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and the Tiramisu. However my favourite dessert of all was the Passion Fruit Creme Cheesecake – it was divine!


    After deciding that we couldn’t eat anything else, we asked for our bill. Palo is the only upcharge restaurant onboard the Disney Wonder with brunch and dinner each costing an additional $20 per person though since we sailed, the price has now increased to $25. Still a bargain in my opinion as the food was to die for and the peaceful adult-only environment was a great place to be. As we were leaving Palo one of the crew offered to take my camera and took some wonderful photos of the two of us which I’m very grateful for.

    After changing back into some warm and comfortable clothes, we decided to walk off all the wonderful food we had just eaten and try and discover as much of the ship as we could. As it was our first cruise, we were still finding our way around and trying to remember what was on each deck. The weather was improving slowly however it was still raining on and off. The upside to this though was that the open decks were empty. Actually the inside of the ship was empty too – this became a recurring theme all week – where was everyone? I guessed that all the children were thankfully in the kids clubs but where were their parents? Who knows? I wasn’t complaining anyway as I loved seeing hardly anyone walking around. Even the adult-only Cove Cafe was empty when I went to get a latte!

    At this time I also decided to get all my shopping out of the way and visited both Mickey’s Mates and Treasure Ketch. I had a list of things to buy and luckily I managed to get everything I wanted including some of the Disney Alaskan merchandise.


    Later that afternoon we left the “open seas” that we had been sailing in all morning, the weather started to improve more and the scenery started to get a whole lot better. I spent some time on the Aft Overlook (there was no one out there) just enjoying the views.


    Tonight was formal night on the Disney Wonder so we started to get ready late afternoon in time for the Captain’s Welcome Reception which started at 5pm in the lobby atrium. It was great to be able to enjoy a complimentary cocktail (or two) whilst people watching. I loved seeing people that had dressed up, loved seeing the Officers in their formal uniforms and couldn’t believe that some people were just wearing jeans, trainers and a hoody. I thought it was such a shame as you don’t really have many opportunities anymore to dress up and it doesn’t take much effort at all to put some nice clothes on. I also couldn’t believe how many people were queuing up to have their photo taken with Captain Fabian – it was insane. The line was longer to meet the Captain than it was to meet Mickey or Minnie. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t really see the point of having your photo taken with the Captain especially in front of those backdrops – you could be anywhere.

    We then headed to the Walt Disney Theatre to watch The Golden Mickeys. You’re made to feel like you are heading to an awards show even before you step into the theatre as they have people taking imaginary photos of you as you are walking along the red carpet. We arrived a few minutes before the show started and got some great seats about half way back in the theatre – you really don’t need to get there for when they open the doors to get good seats. After an introduction from both the Cruise Director and the Captain, the show started. I have seen The Golden Mickeys before in Hong Kong Disneyland (it is still playing there) though this version was slightly different. I still enjoyed it though as any show with Disney songs and characters is always going to be great!

    After the show we headed back to our stateroom for a few minutes before our dinner. It was only at this point that we noticed that the ship wasn’t moving at all. Not long after there was an announcement made to say that a sick passenger (we guessed the one from that morning) was being offloaded. We headed to our verandah and saw a boat heading towards us in the mist. Shortly afterwards, the Canadian coastguard moored alongside us.


    After watching the Coastguard for a while, we headed back to the lobby atrium where we were offered another cocktail for the second Captain’s Welcome Reception of the evening. We gladly accepted the drink before heading into Triton’s for dinner. We were warmly welcomed back by Geffrey, Sunil and Tino who had also left an extra chair at our table for two for my bag as they noticed I had bought one to dinner the night before – I seriously cannot say enough about how amazing these guys were.


    Tonight’s menu was The Golden Mickeys. I was looking forward to this menu after looking at it earlier in the day as I had walked past Tritons. I had the Crispy Cheese Ravioli for my appetizer and the Jumbo Shrimp and Porcini Mushroom Tagliatelle for my entree. Both of us also liked the sound of the Potato Gnocchi so we also got that to share. There were a couple of desserts that I liked the look of so I ordered the Golden Mickey Sweet Temptations which was a trio of some of the desserts though in smaller portions which was just right. After dinner we headed back into a much emptier lobby atrium than before dinner. We had checked earlier to see what times Minnie and Mickey would be making appearances and they were both due out shortly. All week we found meeting the characters later in the evening much more civilised as the lines were much shorter (not that they were ever very long to start with) and there were fewer children running around. As you can see, even Minnie and Mickey put a lot of effort into their formal night outfits!


    After meeting Minnie and Mickey we were both pretty tired but decided to go for a walk around the decks before bed. It was about 11pm and it was still light outside. The ship was moving incredibly fast to make up time after being stopped for about an hour earlier in the evening. Walking on Deck 10 was difficult and there were even signs that had blown over as the wind was so strong! After walking around half the deck, I gave up and went down to Deck 9 to get some tea from the drink station. I was so happy that they had Twining’s English Breakfast Tea – a decent cup of tea in the USA!


    We got back to our stateroom to find our latest towel animal which was easily identifiable as an elephant complete once again with my sunglasses. We also had our Personal Navigator for the next day as well as a card to advise us to turn our clocks back an hour before going to bed – an extra hour of sleep was very welcome!


    After our first full day at sea, we were looking forward to the next day which would include our Character Breakfast before sailing along Tracy Arm Fjord and I could not wait to see the characters in their Alaskan costumes!

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