1. Navigator’s Verandah Stateroom 7624 – Disney Magic

    If you read my previous blog post about our Navigator’s Verandah Stateroom that we stayed in when we cruised on the Disney Wonder to Alaska then what you are about to read might seem a little familiar as we booked the exact same cabin on the Disney Magic when we sailed on the Westbound Transatlantic cruise last September.

    Stateroom 7624 is a Category 7A “Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Navigator’s Verandah” located at the Aft of Deck 7. One of the major differences on the Disney Magic though was the amazing Aft Overlook which was only a few doors away does not exist anymore – they got rid of it during the major dry dock back in 2013.

    Our photo tour begins at the Aft elevators and stairs on Deck 7 of the Disney Magic – notice the flags on the carpet in the corridors spell out “Disney Magic”.

    The muster station is “S” in Animator’s Palate on Deck 4 which is exactly the same as the Disney Wonder.


    The majority of the stateroom is exactly the same as before so I am trying not to write too much and just let the photos speak for themselves. The wardrobes contain your lifejackets and a safety deposit box as well as plenty of hangers for all of your clothes and if you need more, you can request some from your Stateroom Host.


    There is a split bathroom with a toilet and sink in one room and a bath, shower and sink in the other. There is still the hairdryer on the wall which is not very good but thankfully there is now a better hairdryer in one of the drawers in the room – I already knew this in advance which saved me from having to pack my own.


    The biggest change inside the room is the new bed. The bed can thankfully no longer be split in two which makes it so much more comfortable. It is also raised higher off the floor to enable you to stow all your suitcases underneath.


    The same pillow and blanket are on the bed and if you want a red pillow for yourself they still sell them for $190 in the shop onboard!


    One of the best things they did during the reimagining was to install more much-needed power sockets in the room which were sadly lacking before – there are now sockets on either side of the bed.


    The new lampshades on either side of the bed now include Hong Kong Disneyland but they will soon be out of date once again when Shanghai Disneyland opens in June.


    The sofa can be converted to a bed for a third person in the room to sleep. One thing to note is that the Navigator’s Verandah Staterooms on the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder do not have the pull down bed from the ceiling so these rooms cannot accommodate four people.


    The desk area is exactly the same as on the Disney Wonder but with another set of power sockets including one where you plug in the more powerful hairdryer which can be found in the desk drawer. There are two Wave Phones but these seem a waste of time now as you can use the onboard chat function on the Disney Cruise Line app on your own personal smartphone to contact others – it is free of charge to use even though it uses the ship’s wifi.


    The other major difference to the Navigator’s Verandah Staterooms on the Disney Magic is that the large open air porthole is round rather than oval which it is on the Disney Wonder.


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