1. How to Get to Hell by Bus – Grand Cayman

    The very first time I heard about the village of Hell on the island of Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands was when I was a child watching a travel show on the television one evening. I never forgot about it so when we sailed to Grand Cayman on our Very Merrytime Cruise on the Disney Wonder in December 2017, it was one of the only things I wanted to do whilst we were there.

    If you read other peoples opinions on visiting Hell, you will find the standard “not worth it” and “waste of time” comments but it is random places like this around the world that I love and enjoy visiting more than anything – I find them fascinating and oddly endearing.

    The only thing I was sure about was that I had no wish or desire to pay for an overpriced organised tour to get there as I prefer to visit places independently in my own time. After doing some research on Google I found out that not only is it very easy to get to Hell by yourself, it is also incredibly cheap thanks to the amazing public minibuses that run on Grand Cayman.

    After disembarking from our tender boat at the Royal Watler Pier in Georgetown, all we needed to do was to cross the road in front of the terminal and walk one block up Fort Street to the bus depot which is located next to the Public Library.

    The public minibuses run approximately every fifteen minutes and can be flagged down from the side of the road. Each bus has a different “route” and to get to Hell, you will need to take either Route 1 (Yellow) or Route 2 (Lime Green) which both travel from Georgetown past Seven Mile Beach to West Bay.

    The driver was standing next to his minibus and asked where we wanted to go to and opened the door for us and set off once we had sat down. The buses will drop you off wherever you want to go. It took about twenty minutes to get to Hell and on the way we stopped to drop other passengers off and pick others up.

    The bus cost $2.50 each (you can pay in US Dollars which works out the same as the Cayman Islands Dollar) and you pay the driver as you get off the bus. As he dropped us off, our bus driver also told us where to wait – in front of the Hell Service Station – when we were ready to get another minibus to our next destination.

    Next to the Devil’s Hangout gift shop, there are two viewing platforms looking out over the field of black covered limestone as well as various different photo opportunities. A few tour buses pulled up whilst we were here and the people got off, took a photo and were gone again within a few minutes.

    Further along the road is the Hell Post Office where you can send postcards that have a Hell postmark on them as well as a few more gift shops and toilets. Behind the Post Office is another viewing area of Hell, signs explaining the story of Hell and how it got its name. Yes Hell is small and there is not too much there, but it is simply one of those places you have to go to be able to say you’ve been there. I loved it.

    There are more photos from our trip to Hell on my blog post about our day in Grand Cayman on our Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Wonder.

    Once we had finished taking photos and looking around Hell, we walked back to the front of the Hell Service Station where the bus driver had told us to wait when he dropped us off. We waited less than a minute before a bus appeared and we asked the driver if he could take us to Pageant Beach where we also wanted to visit which is located just before George Town. It cost another $2.50 each and we were able to walk back to the Royal Watler Pier from there in about ten minutes.

    So as you can see, it is incredibly easy to get a bus to Hell in Grand Cayman. In fact, it is incredibly easy to get a bus anywhere you want to go in Grand Cayman whether you want to go to Hell, Seven Mile Beach, Cemetery Beach or the least said about it the better Turtle Farm. The public minibuses are simply brilliant – there is absolutely no need to pay for an overpriced tour. Save money and see the beautiful island of Grand Cayman the fun way. We spent a total of $5 each for our day out and I would not have changed anything about it.

    I simply loved my day in the Cayman Islands – I cannot wait to go back!

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