1. Our Trip to Iceland – Day Five

    I woke up on our last morning in Iceland without the need for an alarm clock. We did not have much to do at all on this day before we needed to head to the airport so we had a lazy morning and sat in bed until 9:30am before getting dressed and having breakfast downstairs in our hotel.

    After having breakfast, we made our way back to our room to finish our packing – thankfully our bags were a little lighter than a few days beforehand as we had eaten all the snacks we had brought with us for the trip. We checked out of our hotel at 11:30am and as it was such a beautiful day, we decided to have a little drive around the city to take some more photos with blue skies in the background before heading to the airport to fly home.

    Our first stop was Hallgrímskirkja again as I wanted to try and get a better photo of the front of the church but the sun was in completely the wrong place. I think probably the best time to get a photo here would be later in the afternoon.

    Our second stop was Tjörnin Lake to look at the skyline of Reykjavik across the water. We had driven past here the previous day but there had not been any parking spaces available. However, we had no trouble finding a space on this day and due to the weather, it was actually a better view than the day before.

    Because of the blue skies, I wanted to drive back through Ingólfstorg to take some photos of the buildings with the sky as a background. It was such a beautiful day that it was making me sad that we were flying home a few hours later.

    After driving past Harpa which was sparkling in the sun even more than the previous day, we stopped at the Sun Voyager sculpture again (there are parking spaces available right next to it) as you could see clearly over to the mountains which you had not been able to do the day before. It was still freezing cold though which seemed to come as a shock to some people who decided to straddle parts of the metal and then complain they were cold. It was annoying as whilst they were climbing all over it, no one else that was waiting could get any photos.

    Because of the brilliant view of the mountains at the Sun Voyager, we decided to make one final stop on our way out of the city back at Perlan where we had also been the previous afternoon. Even though the cafe inside was busy, the outside deck was not and the view was even better than the day before.

    From Perlan, it took us about forty five minutes to drive to Keflavik International Airport. We stopped a few miles away to fill up our car with petrol before returning it to Avis. There is another petrol station next to the airport which we thought would be more expensive (they usually are everywhere else) but we noticed it was the same price as everywhere else when we drove past.

    The only balance we had to pay once we had dropped off our (slightly dirty) rental car at Avis was for the extra insurance we had taken out. It only cost 2040 ISK (approximately £15) and it was definitely worth it for the extra peace of mind due to the ever changing driving conditions in Iceland.

    There was quite a long line to drop our bags off as there were a few groups of passengers that were taking forever to be checked in. Thankfully once they had gone the line started moving very quickly. There was only a five minute line at security and I will admit I spent the whole time laughing to myself at the person in front of me who was trying to get his full gallon container of water through – as predicted, he was unsuccessful.

    Once in the departure lounge, we filled our empty bottles from the water dispenser which is found behind the bookshop and close to the toilets. It was easy to find as that’s where everyone was heading to do exactly the same thing. We then walked towards the D gates where the Non-Schengen flights depart from and went through passport control. When we had landed in Iceland a few days beforehand, we had both noticed that there was a restaurant located close to the gate where you could buy pizzas to go. There was a choice of Pepperoni or Margarita so we bought a Margarita Pizza to share on the flight home.

    The gate area was very small and with several full flights all boarding at once, it was very crowded. There was no airbridge to our aircraft so we had to walk outside but it was lovely to get that last bit of Icelandic fresh air. The flight time home was only two hours and twenty minutes which is very quick but we were held at the end of the runway when five planes landed in quick succession,

    After take off and flying over Reykjavik, we flew along the South Coast of Iceland and the views were simply incredible. I could not put my camera down.

    Once there were no more Icelandic views outside the window to enjoy, we could sit back and eat our pizza which was causing serious food envy from the people around us who were all looking longingly at it as they were buying overpriced drinks and sandwiches onboard.

    For the first time in forever, we did not hold over London and landed back into Heathrow early. Even our bags appeared on the belt within five minutes of arriving in the baggage hall which has never happened to us in Terminal 5. A short drive later and we were back at home.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our trip to Iceland. We had such a brilliant time and are still missing it two months later. If you haven’t been to Iceland yet, then you must go as it simply is one of the most amazing places on earth. I cannot wait to go back!

    I still have more blog posts about Iceland to write with plenty more helpful tips, packing advice and much more so stay tuned.

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