1. The Pompompurin Cafe – Hong Kong

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    For my final trip to a character cafe last year in Hong Kong, I decided to visit the Pompompurin Cafe. I will admit I did not know anything about Pompompurin apart from the fact that he is a Sanrio character. I soon discovered he is a golden retriever dog who wears a brown beret (according to his owner he looks like a pudding with his beret on and purin is Japanese for pudding), was born on the 16th April (a sunny day), loves caramel pudding and collects shoes. (more…)

  2. How to Get From Copenhagen Airport to Malmö by Train


    When we visited Copenhagen for my birthday in October, we took the first flight in the morning from Heathrow as we always do whenever we fly somewhere in Europe. As we landed so early into Denmark, we decided that the only thing to do was to get the train from the airport across the Oresund Bridge to Malmö so we could both tick Sweden off on our list of countries we have visited. (more…)

  3. Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial – Gloucester, Massachusetts

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    When we cruised across the Atlantic back in 2015, we took a guided tour of the ship and discovered that the statues of Helmsman Mickey that are found in the lobby atrium of the Disney Magic as well as the Cape Cod area of Tokyo DisneySea are actually based on a real statue found in the beautiful seaside town of Gloucester in Massachusetts. (more…)