1. The Rik Mayall Memorial Bench – London, England

    In November 2014, a bench in memory and honour of the late great Rik Mayall was unveiled in Hammersmith. The original bench was featured in the opening credits of the television series Bottom featuring Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson and had been removed. However after an online campaign, a new bench was placed and unveiled as a tribute to Rik.

    The bench can be found on a traffic island close to the Hammersmith Apollo and the Broadway Shopping Centre where Hammersmith Bridge Road and Queen Caroline Street meet.

    I have always been a huge fan of Rik Mayall and it was indeed over a shared love of Rik that my best friend and I first became friends nearly twenty years ago when we started working together. So like everyone else, I couldn’t believe it when she texted me when I was overseas back in June 2014 to tell me that he had passed away. We always said we would go and see the bench and despite only living just over twenty miles away from Hammersmith, we eventually made the trip about eight months later! I’m sure we got a few strange looks when we took some silly photos doing impressions of Richie and Eddie whilst sitting there!


    The plaque on the bench is perfect and says:

    In Memory of The Man, The Myth, The Legend
    Dr The Rik Mayall
    Pan Global Phenomenon
    Equality, Wisdom, Freedom & Love
    “Barbara: Love Is The Answer”

    Rest in Peace Rik you bloody legend xx

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