1. Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks – Koh Samui, Thailand

    Whenever I travel, I always like to research where I am going and find out if there are any what I like to call “WTF” sights to see – something you would never see anywhere else and which leaves you asking yourself “Why?”

    So last June when I visited Koh Samui in Thailand on holiday, I read about some rock formations on Lamai Beach called Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks (Hin Yai and Hin Ta) which were shaped like, you know, need I say more.

    As we were staying at Le Meridien Resort and Spa which is located at the Northern End of Lamai Beach, we could actually see the location of the rocks in the distance from our hotel. One day with nothing else to do I decided to walk the length of the beach with my camera in hand to see what all the fuss was about. It was a lot further than what it looked – it ended up taking me nearly an hour each way to walk. I only had my camera with me and in hindsight, I wish I had taken some money so I could have taken a taxi back to the hotel – I ended up with three blistered toes from the walk. Ouch.


    Once I got closer to the rocks it was obvious that I could not access them from the beach so I quickly ran through one of the hotels and out onto the main road which is the way that most people come when visiting the area. From this road you will eventually reach a small street filled with various souvenir shops including Koh Samui’s own “Hin Tarbucks Cafe” before reaching the entrance.

    Entrance to Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks is free and is clearly signposted. It was also at this point that I wished I had taken some money with me as I was gasping for a cold drink as it was so hot and humid.

    GrandmotherGrandfatherRocksKohSamui6 GrandmotherGrandfatherRocksKohSamui7GrandmotherGrandfatherRocksKohSamui8

    The best entertainment apart from seeing some amusing shaped rocks was definitely the people watching and the funny photos that they were taking – I could have watched for ages. But given my aching feet and the fact that I knew I had a long walk back to the hotel, I grabbed a few photos before heading back.


    And so for the Grandmother and Grandfather rocks themselves – I’d say they were definitely worth a quick visit for a giggle. The fact that there was as many people there as what there was shows that sometimes there is nothing better than a bit of childish humour.


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