1. The McBarge – Vancouver, Canada

    One night in Jasper whilst on holiday recently I was scrolling through Facebook and saw that George Takei had posted a link to a story about an abandoned floating McDonald’s in Vancouver. Normally I would just read the story and maybe take a mental note for future reference but as we were on a road trip and were going to be in Vancouver two days later I knew I would have to find out where it was and go and see it for myself.

    The McBarge (or the Friendship 500 to use its official name) was designed by Robert Allan and built for Expo 86 in Vancouver. It was originally moored in False Creek with the plan to move it to another location at a later time. However after sitting empty for several years it was moved to the Burrard Inlet where it remains floating derelict to this day.

    After doing several Google searches, I found out the McBarge is currently anchored close to Scenic Park – you can even see it on the satellite view on Google Maps. To get to the McBarge by car, drive to the end of Penzance Drive past the Chevron Oil Refinery in Burnaby – it really is as easy as that.


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