1. The Birdcages in Angel Place – Sydney, Australia

    Most visitors to Sydney (and even some who have lived in Sydney as I found out) are completely unaware that they are missing out on seeing the empty birdcages that hang above Angel Place when they walk down either George Street or Pitt Street between Circular Quay and the busy shopping area of the city.

    The artwork is called “Forgotten Songs” and was designed by Michael Thomas Hill. As you stand underneath the birdcages you can hear the sounds of the birds that once inhabited Sydney before the city built up to what it is today. As day becomes night, the sounds of the birds change too!

    I am so grateful to one of my friends who was living in Sydney at the time for showing me Angel Place as we walked around the city – I have since taken others there too and always take the time to spend a few minutes there each visit!



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