1. The Japan Rail Pass – Is it Worth the Cost?

    If travelling to Japan, you are probably wondering if you should buy a Japan Rail Pass to use whilst you are there…

    On all my trips to Japan, I have always purchased one as with the travel plans that I had when I was there, I knew that it was going to save me money. However depending on the plans that you have, it might not always be the best option available for you. (more…)

  2. How to Get to the Chureito Pagoda from Tokyo to see Mount Fuji

    The one thing I had never managed to do in Japan despite numerous attempts over the years and many visits is to see Mount Fuji. On our recent two week trip when the weather was beautiful every day, I was so hopeful of seeing Mount Fuji from the Shinkansen between Tokyo and Osaka for the first time ever (the weather had always been bad every other time) but I failed yet again. (more…)

  3. How to Exchange Your Japan Rail Pass at Narita Airport

    When spending any time travelling in Japan, a Japan Rail Pass is a necessity. The savings that can be made are quite extraordinary if making several trips on the Shinkansen. A seven day pass just about pays for itself by doing a return trip from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka so any other trips you then make on the pass are a bonus. (more…)