1. Disney Dream Halloween on the High Seas Cruise: Day Four – At Sea

    Once again after not enough sleep, I woke up early about 06:30am. I wish I could have slept in later as I knew that the following morning when we disembarked would be another early start. Today was our last full day onboard and we were going to be at sea for the whole day. A better description would be that we were going to floating around like a cork with minimal engine power close to Freeport for the majority of the day before finally heading back towards Port Canaveral in the evening. (more…)

  2. Disney Dream Halloween on the High Seas Cruise: Day Two – Nassau, Bahamas

    After a few solid hours of sleep, I woke up early at 06:55am. I tried going back to sleep but that was never going to happen. After sitting in bed with some tea and watching the Good Morning Disney Dream show on the television, I looked out of the window to see that we were approaching Nassau. It looked very stormy outside and there were many grey clouds to be seen. We were also treated to the sight of a beautiful rainbow. (more…)

  3. Disney Dream Halloween on the High Seas Cruise: Day One – Port Canaveral, Florida

    So the time had come round again for us to take another Disney Cruise. This would be our third and shortest cruise after sailing for seven nights on the Disney Wonder to Alaska in 2013 and for eleven nights on the Disney Magic across the Atlantic last year in 2015. However this would be our first time on the Disney Dream and our first time departing from Port Canaveral in Florida. (more…)

  4. Halloween on the High Seas Cruise Documents – Disney Dream

    After wanting to go on a Disney Cruise for so many years, it seems bizarre to me that in a few weeks, I will have sailed on my third ship in the fleet. We booked this cruise last year as it seemed like a perfect opportunity to chill and relax for four nights after our road trip through North and South Carolina. (more…)