1. Very Merrytime Cruise Documents – Disney Wonder

    In two weeks time, we will be boarding our fourth Disney cruise. We never originally planned to do another cruise so soon after our Halloween on the High Seas cruise on the Disney Dream back in September 2016 but sometimes these things are meant to be and happen for a reason. We will be returning to the Disney Wonder (the first Disney ship we ever sailed on) for one of her Very Merrytime sailings from Galveston in Texas. (more…)

  2. Halloween on the High Seas Cruise Documents – Disney Dream

    After wanting to go on a Disney Cruise for so many years, it seems bizarre to me that in a few weeks, I will have sailed on my third ship in the fleet. We booked this cruise last year as it seemed like a perfect opportunity to chill and relax for four nights after our road trip through North and South Carolina. (more…)

  3. Cruise Documents – Disney Magic Transatlantic Cruise

    Who would have thought how quickly the time would go from May last year when we booked our Transatlantic cruise on the Disney Magic to today when our cruise documents arrived by post – we sail from Barcelona five weeks today! I love that Disney Cruise Line still sends out documents as I love having something to read before we go and have been watching the letterbox for about the last ten days. (more…)

  4. Cruise Documents – Disney Wonder to Alaska

    Since booking with Disney Cruise Line last July, time has gone by incredibly slowly and indeed the time until we reached 75 days before departure when we could book activities and adult dining as first time cruisers took forever. However since that point, time has just flown by and now that our cruise documents have arrived it is only four weeks today until sailaway! (more…)