1. The Ultimate Guide to Disney’s Castaway Cay

    Castaway Cay (pronounced Key) is Disney Cruise Line’s private island in the Bahamas and is the highlight of the majority of Disney cruises. The only way you can visit Castaway Cay is to take a Disney Cruise and even if not a beach person like myself, you will find it a little piece of paradise. The palm trees, blue skies (most of the time), crystal clear water and beautiful white sand beaches make it a perfect place to relax. (more…)

  2. Disney Magic Transatlantic Cruise: Day Eleven – Castaway Cay

    To say that I was excited when I woke up would be an understatement – after many years, today was the day that I would finally get to visit Castaway Cay. Despite waking early for the whole cruise, I had set my alarm clock to be on the safe side so I could watch our arrival. At 6:30am I went out onto our verandah and it was an incredibly beautiful morning and in the distance we could see land for the first time since leaving Funchal a week earlier. (more…)