1. Tips and Advice for Planning a Trip to Shanghai Disneyland

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    As you have probably already guessed if you’ve read my blog, I love visiting all the Disney parks around the world and Shanghai Disneyland which opened in June 2016 is no exception. Since my first visit during opening week and my most recent visit in November 2017, many people have asked me various questions about the park so I have decided to list all the tips, advice and handy need-to-know information I can think of in one place. I really hope that it will help anyone who is planning a trip to Shanghai. (more…)

  2. Visiting Anne Frank House in Amsterdam


    Since reading the Diary of Anne Frank when I was at school, I had always wanted to visit Amsterdam and see Anne Frank House for myself. I always found it strange given the amount of places in the world that I have travelled to that I had never been to the Netherlands but last October, we booked a short break in Amsterdam for my birthday. (more…)