1. What’s in My Disney Theme Park Bag

    If you have read some of my previous blog posts or have seen my Instagram, then you might already know that I am a huge fan of anything Disney.

    I try to visit the parks around the world whenever I can and I have noticed that I always pack the same things in my bag on nearly every visit. There are just some necessities that can make your visit so much easier and stress-free. One thing to bear in mind is that I do not travel with any children so my bag contents will vary greatly to someone travelling with a young family.

    I always use the same eBags Piazza cross-body bag each time I visit one of the parks which has so many pockets (I can find what I need very quickly because of this) and yet it never feels heavy or cumbersome. I also like using a cross-body bag as it leaves both your hands free which makes it much easier to walk around the parks as well as take photos. The strap is also wide enough that it does not dig into your shoulder like I’ve experienced with other bags. It also fits everything that I bring with me with plenty of room to spare!

    So here is what’s inside my Disney theme park bag….

    Purse – I bring a small coin purse with some local currency, my credit cards and my photo ID.

    Ticket – Whether it be my Hong Kong Disneyland Magic Access annual pass or one of my Walt Disney World Magic Your Way non-expiration tickets (I don’t have a Magicband). I will usually buy tickets for any of the other parks once I am there.

    iPhone – Useful for taking photos, using social media or for checking wait times for attractions on the My Disney Experience app or the regional equivalent.

    Portable Charger – My Anker power bank is a life saver and something I always have with me no matter where I am in the world as there is nothing worse than your phone running low or out of power during a long day out – I always keep an iPhone charging cable in my bag as well.

    Camera – I cannot travel without one of my proper cameras as the I much prefer the quality of the photos compared to those taken with a phone. I love my Canon EOS M10 as not only does it take amazing photos, it also has a flip screen so you can take as many selfies as you want as thankfully selfie sticks have been banned from the parks.

    Spare Camera Batteries and Memory Card – I take so many photos that I always carry several spare batteries and memory cards with me all the time. I also bring a small cloth to clean the camera lens with during the day.

    Sunglasses – They’re usually already on my head so I never have to put them in my bag!

    Spare Contact Lenses – I never wear my glasses to the parks so I always have spare contact lenses with me in case I lose a lens when my eyes get dry or tired.

    Hairbrush and Hairband – If you have long hair, you will need both of these – usually after going on one of the rides!

    Make-Up – The only make-up I carry with me to the parks is my pressed powder and a lip gloss as you never know when you’ll have your photo taken or what characters you will meet.

    Facecloth – This is a tip I picked up in Asia where I would always see people carry small towels or face cloths with them to wipe the sweat off themselves during hot weather.

    Fan – A Hong Kong purchase which I only bought recently after seeing many people with them and it is amazing – it definitely helps to cool you down.

    Sunscreen – The higher the SPF, the better and remember to reapply during the day (especially after water rides) as there’s nothing worse than a case of sunburn after a day in the parks.

    Plasters (Band Aids) – Blisters on your feet are incredibly painful and even though you can get plasters free of charge from the First Aid stations in the parks, I always carry them with me.

    Painkillers / Indigestion Tablets – These are the only two medications that I carry with me to the parks and the only two I ever need.


    Hand Sanitiser – Just imagine how many different surfaces you touch at the park – it’s a lot more than you think and after a bout of gastroenteritis from a visit to the Magic Kingdom a few years ago, I always make sure I have hand sanitiser with me.

    Umbrella – I do not mind getting wet on water rides (surely that’s the point of them) as I despise ponchos but I always have a small umbrella in my bag in case it rains. It also comes in useful to shade yourself when the sun is bright – if you visit the parks in Asia, you will see everyone use umbrellas this way!

    Ziploc Bags – Remember the Jaws ride at Universal Studios in Florida and how you never got wet on it? Well one day I was on it and a tidal wave came over the boat and killed my iPhone which was in one of the outer pockets of my bag. Since then, I will always put any electronics I have with me in ziploc bags before going on any water rides.

    Reusable Shopping Bag – This is another item I always carry with me everywhere as some parks now charge for carrier bags.

    Mickey Ears – I cannot say that I bring my ears to the parks very often but for some people they are a must! I’ve had this set for over ten years now so maybe it’s time to treat myself to a new pair.

    What are your must-haves in your Disney park bag? Let me know in the comments below!

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