1. Lost in Translation at the New York Bar – Park Hyatt, Tokyo

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    I remember the very first time I watched Lost in Translation. It was on a flight to New York and I just remember falling completely head over heels in love with the movie. I had already visited Japan several times at that point and for some reason, everything in the film just made complete sense to me and I knew that I would have to visit the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo myself and have a drink (or two) in the New York Bar. (more…)

  2. Disney Magic Transatlantic Cruise: Day Eleven – Castaway Cay

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    To say that I was excited when I woke up would be an understatement – after many years, today was the day that I would finally get to visit Castaway Cay. Despite waking early for the whole cruise, I had set my alarm clock to be on the safe side so I could watch our arrival. At 6:30am I went out onto our verandah and it was an incredibly beautiful morning and in the distance we could see land for the first time since leaving Funchal a week earlier. (more…)