1. How to Say Thank You in Different Languages

    Being able to say a few basic words of Hello, Thank You, Please and Goodbye in whatever country you are visiting is just good manners and something that is usually very much appreciated by the locals. Even without using the internet or a phrase book for reference you can always find out how to say certain things just by asking people especially at airports or in the hotel that you’re staying at.

    So I’ve started to compile a list of different words for Thank You from around the world. If I’ve missed one that you think should be on the list, leave a comment and let me know!

    Afrikaans – Dankie
    Arabic – Shukran
    Cantonese – Do Jeh
    Croatian – Hvala
    Czech – Dekuji
    Danish – Tak
    Dutch – Dank U
    Finnish – Kiitos
    French – Merci Beaucoup
    German – Danke
    Greek – Efharisto
    Hawaiian – Mahalo
    Hebrew – Toda
    Hindi – Shukriya
    Hungarian – Koszonom
    Icelandic – Takk
    Indonesian – Terima Kasih
    Korean – Kamsahamnida
    Italian – Grazie
    Japanese – Arigato Gozaimasu
    Mandarin – Xie Xie
    Norwegian – Takk
    Polish – Dziekuje
    Portuguese – Obrigado / Obrigada
    Russian – Spasiba
    Spanish – Gracias
    Swahili – Asante
    Swedish – Tack
    Thai – Kob Khun Krap / Kob Khun Ka
    Turkish – Tesekkur Ederim
    Zulu – Ngiyabonga

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