1. Character Calls – Disney Wonder to Alaska

    After booking our Disney Cruise, I noticed on the reservation summary page of the Disney Cruise Line website that I could schedule two free character calls from either Mickey Mouse or Goofy.

    I did not until recently realise however that the character calls are only available in the USA and Canada which is disappointing when you do not live in either of those countries – even more so when there are European cruises on the Disney Magic this year. However as I frequently travel to and from the United States, I do own a US mobile phone. I was not sure if I would be able to receive the character calls or not on it but I am happy to report that I was able to schedule and receive both calls from Mickey Mouse and Goofy earlier this week.

    When booking a character call, as well as selecting which character you would like to receive the call from, you also have to select your cruise destination from a drop down menu. You can set specific dates and times for the calls, however I liked that I could also request the call immediately which meant no hanging around waiting for the telephone to ring. Each call came less than five minutes after requesting them. Once you answer the call, you have approximately forty seconds to initiate the pre-recorded character message.

    If anyone has not heard the character calls before especially if like me this is your first experience of a Disney Cruise, then please enjoy the recordings that I made of both the Mickey Mouse and Goofy calls for Alaska.

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